Schall Entity Inspector

A small mod allowing inspection on entity performance, including crafting speed, mining speed, production rates. (Locale: English, Deutsch, 正體中文, Português Brasileiro)

2 years ago
0.18 - 1.1
Mining Manufacturing
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2 years ago
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1.1.2 (2 years ago)
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0.18 - 1.1
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A small mod allowing inspection on entity performance, including crafting speed, mining speed, production rates.


Heavily inspired by Actual Craft Times Remade, which has a cleaner and better interface than its original. Unfortunately, some bugs remained (giving wrong results), and the author had no interest to provide the IMO important feature of showing the number of belts corresponding to each ingredient and product type directly on GUI (not inside tooltip). So I decided to write my own mod, together with my own ideas to improve the GUI.



Firstly, the entity inspector toggle has to be enabled by either hotkey (default: Alt + SLASH) or shortcut. The "Entity Inspector" GUI will be created when opening an entity. Currently supports any entities of type: assembling-machine (including chemical plant, oil refinery, centrifuge), rocket-silo, mining-drill, furnace, lab.


The panel shows the entity machine, together with modules installed.
The module modifiers panel (initially hidden, can be opened by clicking the small "module" button above) shows the following information:

  • Crafting speed, mining speed, research speed: The theorectical rating of the machine. (Note that it is independent of recipes involved. Named as "CS rating" in Schall Machine Scaling FAQ.)
  • Various module modifiers: Include the effects from modules both inside the machine and from nearby beacons.

If a recipe (or similar) is selected, further inforamtion is also listed:

  • Crafting rate, mining rate, research rate: The actual rate of the machine and recipe combo, in number of craftings per second (or in rate units as selected above.) For example, vanilla iron gear wheels recipe (recipe time RT = 0.5 s) on unmodified assembling machine 3 (CS = 1.25) works at CS/RT = 2.5 /s. This field will warns the user, if the machine has very high speed (in case of those from Schall Machine Scaling) has met the game limitation of 60 /s.
  • Item rates for each of the ingredients and products: Displayed in user selected item rate unit.
  • Amount of belts for each of the ingredients and products: Displayed in green.
  • Multiplier: Not information but as an option, for user to quickly calculate the item rates for this amount of machines.

These work similar for mining drills and labs. Although it would adjust to the resource consumption and yield (for infinite resources) for the former, and current reserach for the later.

This mod should, in principle, work with any modded modules and/or machines.


This mod do not modify the existing content in the save game. This mod should be safe to be disabled/uninstalled at any time.

Mods Related

  • Schall Machine Scaling has introduced various tiers on many vanilla machines, which may meet the game limitation of 60 c/s eventually. This mod and Schall Recipe Scaling works in combo to help finding out the optimal tiers for selected recipes.
  • Schall Recipe Scaling has introduced "scaled recipes" to help handling the game limitation of 60 c/s on very high speed machines.
  • Schall Modules introduces a few tweaks on modules, together with a powerful set of mutlicomponent modules. This mod helps to quickly find out their actual effects.
  • Schall Module Placement is a small helper mod allowing module placement into multiple machines with just a single selection.

Locale Supported

  • English (en)
  • German / Deutsch (de)
  • Traditional Chinese / 正體中文 (zh-TW)
  • Brazilian Portuguese / Português Brasileiro (pt-BR) by NickFury23

Non-English locale are provided by Schall Language Pack.
If you like this mod, and would like to provide other translations, please do not hesitate to send me a message. (Corrections on spelling and grammatical mistakes are welcomed as well.)


  • Credit to Actual Craft Times Remade, which is a good helper mod. Yet I decided to rewrite with my own ideas, together with several improvements to especially the GUI. Please see FAQ for mod differences.

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