Schall Oil Fuel

Allows various oil barrels to be used as fuel, to vehicles and machines. Fuel settings are balanced towards vanilla fuel. (Locale: English, Deutsch, 正體中文, Português Brasileiro)

2 years ago
0.17 - 1.1
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4 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.1 (2 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
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4.45K users


Allows various oil barrels to be used as fuel, to vehicles and machines.
Fuel settings are balanced towards vanilla fuel.


Crude oil has quite high heat value by itself. See how hard it is to distingush oil well fires?
Heavy oil (aka. fuel oil) has been a primary fuel on large machineries, such as furnaces, power plants, steam locomotives, ships, and some vehicles. The monstrous dreadnoughts are depending on heavy oil (together with coal) to provide all the power needed.
So tell me: why the oils in Factorio world cannot be burnt and used as fuels?

This mod allows the barrel oil to be used as fuel.
The fluid form is allowed too, but this mod does NOT provide any machines/vehicles to use fluid fuel. You may use that in modded machines, like fluid boiler in Schall Machine Modification.

Overall, this mod has provided the heavy oil and light oil a much better use. So you no longer need to use the crappy 0.17.60 basic oil processing, or tons of oil crackings, in order to get rid of the otherwise useless heavy oil (& light oil).


The new fuel items are the following, where all exist in vanilla game:
- Crude oil barrel
- Heavy oil barrel
- Light oil barrel
- Petroleum gas barrel

These are all chemical fuels, so can be inserted and used just like the existing fuel (wood, coal, solid fuel, rocket fuel).

The main difference is only the oil itself is used up, the empty barrel will be returned to the burnt fuel inventory. This mod also provides options to modify the vehicles or machines to add the burnt fuel inventory, if they accept chemical fuel.

The oils have different values. The heavier oil has higher heat value (fuel value), so more useful for prolonged activity. The lighter oil has stronger "kick", useful when performance is a concern.

Rebalancing Fuel Pollution

Since 0.17.4 / 0.18.3 / 1.0.0, a new "fuel pollution rebalance" option is introduced.
Please see FAQ for details.


This mod do not modify the existing content in the save game. This mod should be safe to be disabled/uninstalled at any time.

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Mods Compatibility

The oil fuel should in principle be usable on any modded vehicles and machines, if accepting chemical fuel.

  • ReStack >= 0.5.8 is supported. It will calculate the correct amount of fuel value, even when barrel volume is changed.

Known Issue

Inserters and loaders do not take the empty barrels off the stone furnaces and steel furnace. Current game code can only allow the main output inventory (plates) to be read. Wube devs knew this problem for quite some time (since 0.14?) but have not fixed it yet.
Finally fixed by game version 1.1.37, inserters can take the empty barrels off the stone furnaces, steel furnace, boilers, etc.
Loaders are still NOT working though.

Locale Supported

  • English (en)
  • German / Deutsch (de)
  • Traditional Chinese / 正體中文 (zh-TW)
  • Brazilian Portuguese / Português Brasileiro (pt-BR) by NickFury23

Non-English locale are provided by Schall Language Pack.

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