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Yet another modpack I play with friend, so it should be multiplayer compatible. The intention is to save vanilla vibes with QOL changes, also adding more logistic options, wood to oil processing and uranium rework.

a month ago
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
2 months ago
Latest Version:
0.0.3 (a month ago)
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General mods:

One-feature mods:

QOL mods:

Statistics, management and information mods:

Logistics mods:

Wood rework:

Uranium rework:

Before start

  1. Because there are Dectorio and Alien Biomes in the modpack, Asphalt Roads seems to exceed Factorio tile limit. So you can't place some types asphalt tiles(see "Known issues" section in the end of Asphalt Roads page). You can disable broken tiles (asphalt with yellow marks etc.), or for example disable Dectorio colored concrete tiles, or Alien Biomes tiles in mod settings.
  2. In addition to Schall Uranium Processing you can install Nuclear Fuel or more complex Plutonuim Energy. In this case nuclear fuel recipe is tweaked to use U-235 instead of low enriched uranium in order to match new plutonium fuel recipes.
  3. If you decided to use Nuclear Fuel mod, then you should set "Allow crafting of nuclear weapons from" to "Both" in settings, otherwise usage of U-235 will be restricted to nuclear fuel (which burns in cars and trains). Also unset "Modify nuclear fuel reprocessing", otherwise you will be unable to obtain plutonium (unneccesary if you use Plutonium Energy mod).
  4. You can choose between LTN or TSM for better train management. Or even install both.
  5. You might want to reduce Honk distance and volume for trains and cargoships if it annoys you.
  6. Induction Charging may cause crashes if you place it inside locomotives.

Known issues

  • You may experience crash due to some Dectorio error while loading map. Try to load with Dectorio only and disable recipes for landscape, waterfill and decorations in settings.
  • If you change AI mode of aircraft or boat while driving above water, you are dropped out and stuck above water surface. That's probably because of virtual AI entity placed instead of player as driver. One of the ways is to teleport with command.
  • You can't exit a ship, if you entered it from manually placed landfill or shallow waterfill. In this case you should proceed to natural shore to exit (or use teleport command).