Plutonium Energy

Adds processing of plutonium, excess product from nuclear reaction. Plutonium can be used to make ammo (even plutonium atomic bomb) and to generate energy as MOX fuel.

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Plutonium Energy

This mod adds new nuclear material - Plutonium (238 and 239 isotopes). Using it, you can make nuclear fuel (MOX fuel) which generates energy 2 times slower, but has 2.5 times more energy in one cell (comparing to uranium). MOX reactor is also smaller (3x3 instead of 5x5), which allows for some interesting designs.

The Plutonium is obtained through an Advanced nuclear fuel reprocessing process, which involves dissolving the used-up uranium nuclear fuel cells in acid and centrifuging the solution to get more useful fissile material.

But that is not the only way of obtaining Plutonium. There is also a breeder reactor, a huge (7x7) building, which also uses bigger cells. But its power output is much lower, as generating power is not its primary purpose. Breeder nuclear fuel cells can be made from other used-up nuclear cells, providing an alternative way of reprocessing these cells.

The breeder reactor's purpose is to generate more Plutonium than it takes in. Combined with ability to use otehr used-up cells to make new breeder cells, it is an efficient way to make more Plutonium for creation of MOX fuel.

And with energy generation part comes along destructive part. This mod also adds plutonium ammo - cannon shells, machine gun / pistol ammo, plutonium atomic bomb, which speaking with numbers is around 1.4 times more powerful than uranium one. And if you installed mods that add uranium artillery shell / bomb, this mod also adds a plutonium variant (See optional dependencies for an estimated list of mods supported for this feature).
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Mod compatibility

I didn't do much of specialised compatibility with other mods unless specified (here or in optional dependencies).

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Mod source code is also available at Gitlab (Mirrored from github)


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