by Wiwiweb

Keep track of your progress in a fun way by finding out how fast you created key items. Look back on your factory's history, compare with your friends, or challenge yourself. Supports any list of items and comes with presets for popular big mods. Can be added to existing games.

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1 year, 2 months ago
Latest Version:
1.3.5 (a month ago)
Factorio version:
16982 times

What is this?

When you finally create your first copy of a new science pack after hours of hard work, this mod will alert you with a notification and show you how long it took you to accomplish this milestone. All milestones times are kept track of, so you can look back on the progress of your factory and see how far you've come!

But it doesn't work with just science packs! You can customize your list of items and create any milestone you want.

  • How long did it take you to get construction bots?
  • How fast did you build your first rocket?
  • How many hours did it take you to build 1 million atomic bombs?

Especially useful for big overhaul mod with lots of tech paths to help you understand how much you've accomplished. Compare with your friends, or just challenge yourself. Can also be useful for speedrun practice, or for data-nerds like me!

Can I customize the list of items? Does this work with modded items?

Yes! You can create any list of tracked milestones you want, and it works with any item, fluid, technology, or even for kills!

There are also presets for popular overhaul mods:

Current presets included:

  • Vanilla (With extended option for megabases)
  • Space Exploration
  • Krastorio 2
  • Space Exploration + Krastorio 2
  • Bob's Mods
  • Angel's Industries
  • Bob's and Angel's
  • Sea Block (With or without Sea Block Pack)
  • Industrial Revolution 2
  • Nullius
  • 248k Mod
  • Pyanodon's Mods (With or without AlienLife)
  • That's it for now, but you can make your own list in-game for any mod you want! Please see the bottom of this page if you want to help me add a preset.

Does this work on existing save files?

Yes! Milestones will use your production statistics to give an estimated time for milestones that have already been completed in the past.
The accuracy of the estimations is lower for older times. Expect ±5 minutes for 50 hours games, ±25m for 250h, ±1h40 for 1000h.

Will this eat my UPS?

By default, the mod checks milestone completion every second. The UPS impact is negligible.

I want to translate this mod!

You can help translate this mod directly online by going to the following link and finding "Factorio Milestones":
Translations from Crowdin are pulled into the mod every week, and will be released in the next version.

I want to contribute / add a preset!


If you are familiar with Git pull requests are welcome! Check out the Readme to see which file your preset should be added to.

If you are not familiar with Git but you want to add a preset, please send me the list of items as a new discussion thread on this mod page.

Thank you!

Thanks @Solinya on the Space Exploration discord for the idea for this mod.