Fluid Must Flow

Adds huge ducts to help transport a lot of liquids and gases

11 months ago
0.17 - 1.1
2 years ago
Latest Version:
1.2.16 (11 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
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Hi all!
How sick are you of pipe fluid throughput? This mod aims to add a new set of big pipes to the game called "Ducts" that have better performance. Without being cheaty, ducts have the same fluid volume (height included) of normal pipes, along with connection points that will adapt to the necessary pumping rate.


What adds the mod?

The duct parts is divided in each possible pieces for have a better control during construction:

  • Straight duct(in three different form, 2x1 2x2 2x4)
  • Duct T junction
  • Duct bend
  • Cross duct
  • Underground duct

And two new pumps! Like the vanilla one they require energy and are four time faster! (the end points is animated):

  • Duct end point intake
  • Duct end point outtake

This two end points have different purposes: one push fluids inside duct, the other will take out of it.

And a dedicated pipe connections cover design:

High throughput

The time that vanilla pipes need to fill one storage tank with the ducts you could fill four of it.

Controlled throughput

The last part of ducts is a non-return duct, that push fluids in one direction, avoid the backflow effect (don't need power).

This give to players the possibility to choose where is better send more flow:


The straight duct parts will be automatically connected and replaced with the bigger version by the mod in construction (could be disable in mod options):

With safe blueprint result:

And robots could use auto-join too:

If you are wondering how much UPS this features drain, is about 0.050+/- with 100 robots that place things concurrently (when something is built) for characters is about 0.002+/-. Anyway, could be disabled in the mod options.
It is recommended to build ducts in one way with this option, see in game behavior for understand better.


  • Excluded connection points, duct parts could only be connected to other duct parts, could be disabled(recommended for make the mod more realistic)
  • Auto-join could be disable, and unlock recipes of each straight duct parts
  • Undeground duct distance could be regulated
  • Some parameters of duct entity could be regulated too


Supported languages:

  • English
  • Italian
  • French by Redstylt
  • Russian

Good practices

For use the ducts in the best manner we will give some suggestions:

  • Assemble ducts trying to compose it with minor number of small straight duct and normal straight duct (long straight duct are more efficient for the game engine).

  • Use end points only when you want put fluids in or out of duct, for split it, use T junction and cross junction, use the non-return duct (after or before) if u want block the backflow, pushing more fluid in a direction, this could be useful, increasing the flow, but be aware that the back part of fluid network could suffer starvation.

  • When the duct is very long, use more underground duct instead straight duct!(30-40 tiles).

  • Remeber that in Factorio fuild flow rate is related to fullness of connected entities (especially over long distances), if a duct is overloaded of consumers, the performance could seems worst than Factorio vanilla pipes. This problem is related to network flow problem and because ducts are not a cheaty addon, you must manage it with the limit that ducts can't provide a maximized fluid flow for more that 4 vanilla pipes.

  • And remember (looking performance) that Factorio fluid flow is designed for penalize long fluid entities connections (this is hard-coded, it isn't violable)

  • Is suggest to understand this concept for setup well the terminal parts of ducts: Bottleneck.

Planned update

  • Improve auto join algorithm

Synergy mod recommend

We recommend to use Flow Control, that have a splendid synergy with this mod.


  • Krastor, that make the amazing sprites
  • iicyan, code write and fixer helper

Special thanks to:

This mod is part of mods developed by Krastorio Team