Allows the measurement of distances using a tilegrid. Can be used as a tape measure, or to create clean temporary surfaces to do work on. Subgrids can be created every X tiles, or split the overall selection into equal parts.
21 days ago
Owner: Raiguard
Source: raiguard/Tapeline
Homepage: https://github.com/raiguard/Tapeline
License: MIT
Created: 8 months ago
Latest Version: 0.6.1 (21 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 9954 times

This mod adds a "Tapeline" tool to the shortcut bar, also accessible with Alt+M. This tool can be used as a simple tape measure, or as a means of drawing a clean surface to work on.

Tilegrids drawn with the tool can either be in increment mode or split mode. Increment mode draws a subgrid every 5 tiles (configurable) with three subgrids in total. Split mode will split the selection into equal parts (configurable) and show midpoints.

This mod is meant to help with aligning things, finding distances, or drawing a workspace in which to do some focused building.

Mod Options


Log Selection Dimensions to Chat - Will output the dimensions of your selection to the chat, in case you can't see the numbers drawn on the ground.


Draw Tilegrid on Ground - If checked, the tile grid will be drawn on the ground layer, meaning it will appear behind other entities.
Tilegrid Clear Delay - Number of seconds that the tile grid will be displayed for after a selection is made.
Tilegrid Line Width - How thick the lines on the tile grid appear.

Mod Dependencies

  • Factorio Standard Library (stdlib)