Max Rate Calculator

Calculates maximum consumption/prodution rates of assemblers, plants, etc.

8 days ago
0.15 - 0.18
3 years ago
Latest Version:
3.4.41 (8 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.15 - 0.18
108753 times

Provides a selection tool (default hotkey is ctrl-n), which when used to select a set of machines, calculates the maximum possible rate of items consumed and produced by those machines. These rates are displayed in a GUI window on the left side of the Factorio window, in various rate units. Items which appear as both inputs and outputs have net change calculation shown as well. (Does not calculate actual rates, for that see the excellent EfficienSee mod.)

Includes module and beacon effects. It's not necessary to select the beacons, just the machines affected by them.

For centrifuging uranium ore, it approximates the output, based on the probability and quantity range of results.

Version 3.4.41 (and .40) Bug fixes

Version 3.4.39 Mining/pumpjack calculation improvements - should work better with Angel's Refining

Version 3.4.38 Fix issue with global debug variable not being table

Version 3.4.37 Mining drill & pumpjack calculations are back! Huzzah! Also fixed bug in 3.3.36 when switching to mod with fewer belt types

Version 3.3. 36 Belts and their speeds pulled from game tables rather than being hardcoded, now supports mods with faster belts

Version 3.2.35 Fix issue with beacons just out of range being included

Version 3.2.34 Fixed issue with Factorio 0.18.22 and hotkeys prototypes

Version 3.2.33 - Fixed issue with small beacons not seen next to large assemblers (Krastorio 2)
Honor allowed_effects consumption flag or not
Don't allow productivity to drop below zero

Version 3.2.32 - Fix calcualtion issue with kovarex recipe and others that use catalyst amount

Version 3.2.31 - Factorio 0.18 support

Version 3.2.30 - Fix crash in previous version

Version 3.2.29 - Save window location. Start a little lower off the top.

Version 3.2.28 - Fix no recipe crash

Version 3.2.27 - Furnaces use previous recipe if none exist for current (thanks vamalo!)

Version 3.2.26 - Allow window from previous version to be closed

Version 3.2.25 - Windows are now movable

Version 3.1.24 - Selection tool should no longer get into inventory. Attempt at thumbnail.

Version 3.1.23- Fix old-style probabilistic (e.g. Bob's Greenhouse) calculations

Version 3.1.22 - Fix probabilistic (uranium processing) calculations

Version 3.1.21 - Selection tool and 4 function calc now available in the quickbar

Version 3.0.20 - Factorio 0.17 support.
Temporarily removed mining calculations due to lua interface change
Took a stab at updating transport belt constants, but may be incorrect
In general the rates need re-verification, but are probably correct

Version 2.1.19 Fixes bug when player dies while using selection tool.
Also includes preliminary version of mining drill/pumpjack calculations.
(Does not calculate sulfuric acid use on uranium mines.)

Version 2.1.18 Fixes bug with calculator memory keys

Version 2.1.17 Update for Factorio 0.16

Version 2.0.16 fixes a corrupted close.png file

Version 2.0.15 fixes a crash involving recipes that produce a % chance of an item (like uranium processing). Also added defensive coding for a reported crash involving an uninitialized variable

Version 2.0.14 fixes a crash caused by text entry in another mod

Version 2.0.13 added locale string for calc button

Version 2.0.12
Added in-game four function calculator, accessed via hotkey or toggle button on Max Rate Calculator window
Values in MRC window, when clicked on, appear in the calculator

Version 1.2.11 fixes bad bug with new games introduced with version 1.2.10

Version 1.2.10 works with the Creative Mode super beacon, and should, theoretically work with other modded beacons, such as those in Bob's mods (with which I have not tested - feedback desired!).

Version 1.2.9 Uses some newly-surfaced variables in lua, rather than hardcoded values (LuaEntityPrototype::fluid_capacity and distribution_effectivity)

Version 1.2.8 adds vertical scroll bars if there are many items to display. Items are sorted alphabetically. Rates for fluids are not shown for nonsensical rate units such as transport belts, or inserters. Added unit rates for train wagons per minute and per hour to the Rate dropdown list.

Version 1.1.7 includes inserters in the dropdown list for rate selection, so you can determine how many inserters are needed to input/output each type of item (makes no sense for fluids, obviously). Also a tooltip on the item icon shows how many machines are inputting/outputting the item.

Version 1.0.6 fixes fast transport (belt) calculation (thanks TheZero!), and adds warning about recipe-less machines

Version 1.0.5 of the Max Rate Calculator mod for Factorio introduces a dropdown list with which the user can select the units the input and output rates should be displayed in, including:
- items per second
- items per minute
- fully compressed transport (yellow) belts
- fast transport (red) belts
- express transport (blue) belts.

(Note that for inputs and outputs that are fluids, the quantities displayed for compressed belts don't make a lot of sense. In the future, I'll either display nothing for fluids, or do it in terms of full pipes.)

It also adds a couple of columns for "net" values for items which are both input and outputs:

  • Items per machine (in the selected rate)
  • Number of extra or needed machines for a particular item, assuming it's moduled and beaconed the same

I've also added a close button (though you can still click most anywhere in the window to close it), and tooltips for some of the information.

A note about smelters - if there is nothing to smelt in the smelter, I don't have a recipe, so I can't display rates for it.