Adds decorative elements to beautify your factory. Currently includes coloured signals, wooden, chain-link, stone and concrete walls, hazard gates, signs, wooden floorboards, gravel and concrete styles.
a month ago
0.15 - 0.16
Author: PantherX
Source: jpanther/Dectorio
License: GNU GPLv3
Created: 1 year, 1 month ago
Latest Version: 0.8.8 (a month ago)
Factorio version: 0.15 - 0.16
Downloaded: 25680 times


A simple mod that adds decorative elements to beautify your factory. New technology research is required to unlock the various items before they can be crafted and some default recipes are adjusted to better reflect how these items should be made.

Inspiration for the mod came from a lot of other mods on the portal, although all the assets in Dectorio have been custom made for this mod and are either modified versions of base game assets or created from scratch. If you'd like to use any of these in your own mod, please observe the GNU GPLv3 license.

Requires Factorio version 0.15 or later.

Decorative items

  • Adds traffic bollards for decorating roadways or protecting your factory from vehicular collisions

Flooring styles

  • Adds basic gravel paths (crafted from raw stone, coal, iron and copper)

  • Adds wooden floorboard tiles with sound effects
  • Adds grid-based concrete that reflects the classic Factorio 0.15 style concrete

  • Adds painted concrete tiles - Hazard (black/yellow), Danger (red/yellow), Emergency (white/red), Caution (orange/white), Radiation hazard (yellow/pink), Defect (blue/white), Operations (black/white) and Safety (white/green)

  • Painted Hazard concrete replaces default Hazard concrete^
  • Increased flooring item stack sizes^


  • Adds items for placing dirt, sand, dark sand, grass, dry grass, red desert and dark red desert tiles
  • Ability to place water and green water tiles (aka. 'waterfill')
  • Ability to place decorative rocks and trees

Walls and Gates

  • Adds items for wooden barricade, stone wall, chain-link fence and concrete walls
  • Walls have varied resistances and strengths to allow for better progression
  • Increased wall item stack sizes^

  • Adds items for hazard gates


  • Adds placable wooden and steel signs with configurable icons

Signals & Lamps

  • Adds a new Glowing lamp that will glow bright colours over a large radius when passed a coloured signal from the circuit network

  • Adds new signal colours - purple, orange, tangerine and aqua
  • Adds signal colours for raw resources, smelted items, fluids, science packs, inserters, belts, splitters and circuits

  • Adds new icon based signals for making it easier to understand your circuit network logic
  • New signal icons for base game signal colours that better represent the actual signal colour


  • Includes settings for enabling or disabling each of the above features (Options > Mods > Startup). Ideally these should only be changed before starting a new game. Changes on existing games will require content to be migrated and some items may be lost if you disable components you've already used on an existing save. Always make a backup first!

  • Items above marked ^ can be further customised in the mod settings dialog

Check out the Mod Spotlight video by Xterminator to see the mod in action (note that this features an older version of Dectorio without some of the features mentioned above).


Bugs & Suggestions

Feel free to get in touch with any issues or suggestions for new features you'd like to see. You can get in contact via the 'Discussion' tab above, the Factorio Forums or you can also view and log issues directly to the GitHub repo at

Language Support

Dectorio uses CrowdIn to translate the mod into various languages.

Fully supported languages: English
Community translations: Chinese Simplified (90%), Chinese Traditional (29%), Czech (33%), German (90%), Korean (90%), Polish (60%)

If you are able to translate the mod into any of the above languages, or you know an additional language that you'd like to add a new translation for, please visit the Dectorio project on CrowdIn to help with the translation effort.

Thanks to our translators for their efforts: seeba8 (German), Tomirad (Polish), dereksp (Czech), Xagros (Korean), and ST-DDT (German).

Mod Compatibility

Note: If playing with Factorio 0.15 saves, please download Dectorio v0.7.6 as this is the last release supported on 0.15. Dectorio v0.8.0 and later are only supported on Factorio 0.16.

Limited testing has been completed with other mods. Warnings will be shown in-game to highlight any known issues. If you come across a specific compatibility issue, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to fix it.

It is not recommended to use other coloured signal mods at the same time as Dectorio. This can cause coloured signals to be overwritten multiple times and lead to game-breaking compatibility issues with other mods. If you would like more colours, you can add these in the Dectorio config.lua file (instructions are in the file).

Dectorio includes specific support for Alien Biomes.

Other mods with additional Dectorio support (thanks!): Concreep, Fully Automated Rail Layer (FARL), Pavement Drive Assist.

Other decorative mods worth checking out (all compatible with Dectorio): Asphalt Roads, Beautiful Bridge Railway, Color Coding, Naked Rails.

Mods with known compatibility issues with Dectorio (either don't install these, or edit your mod settings and disable the conflicting components in Dectorio): Expanded Color Lamps, Updated Expanded Color Lamps, Concrete and Stone 0.16, Reinforced Walls 016, Picker Tweaks.


A detailed changelog is packaged with the mod and can be found in-game on the Mods screen, or it can be viewed at GitHub.

Recent Updates
Highlights of recent changes. See full changelog for extended details.

v0.8.8 - Adds new Landfill tile; better compatibility checking with other mods; lots of bugfixes; locale updates
v0.8.7 - Adds painted refined concrete; less intense grid concrete gfx; Chinese Simplified translation; locale updates
v0.8.6 - Optimised gfx for smaller file size; support for Alien Biomes v3; Russian translation; bugfixes
v0.8.5 - Bugfix release - refer to changelog for details
v0.8.4 - Cliff explosives support; moved stone and concrete to Dectorio tab; bugfixes and localisation updates
v0.8.3 - Adds ability to place deep water and trees; fixes bug with grid concrete at high res; map colour tweaks
v0.8.2 - Adds grid-based concrete (similar to old 0.15 style); updated painted concrete gfx; localisation updates
v0.8.1 - Gravel is now a separate craftable item; updated incompatible mod handling; localisation updates
v0.8.0 - Factorio 0.16 support incl. hi-res concrete gfx and new landscaping items; localisaion updates
v0.7.6 - New setting to toggle placing ores as gravel; support for Water Fix mod; bugfixes and localisation updates
v0.7.5 - New separate crafting tab for decoratives; bugfixes for traffic bollard; localisation updates
v0.7.4 - Bugfix for decoration technology issue
v0.7.3 - New chain-link fence gfx variants; Major multiplayer fixes for signs (see full Changelog for details)
v0.7.2 - New traffic bollard decorative item; landscaping now allows rocks to be placed; new gravel styles
v0.7.1 - Bugfix for migration error
v0.7.0 - New in-game settings; concrete & concrete wall recipe changes; landscaping support for Alien Biomes
v0.6.2 - Adds Polish translation
v0.6.1 - Bugfix release including fix for placing signs on alternate surfaces
v0.6.0 - Big update! Wooden and steel signs; Glowing lamp; better handling of hazard concrete; improved gravel