Grow your own trees! Automate wood production or grow your own forests.

3 years ago
0.14 - 0.17
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.17.0 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.17
20599 times

Allows you to plant trees, plus create automated wood production.

Trees now drop seeds when broken in addition to wood. These seeds can be grown into saplings in the Arborium structure, which can then be planted. Saplings will be the same type of tree as the tree you got the seeds from.

If seeds start to pile up in your inventory, you can burn them as fuel. Each seed gives 800kJ of power, which isn't a lot, but is still useful given how many seeds you usually end up with.
*In the settings menu for this mod, you can enable an option called "Seeds smelt to wood." When this option is enabled, seeds will not be usable as fuel, but can instead be smelted in a furnace to produce wood (4 seeds = 1 wood).

Additionally, the mod adds a second structure called the Mulcher. This can automatically break down saplings into raw wood and seeds. The Mulcher causes a significant amount of pollution, but the Arborium actually reduces your total pollution amount a little bit. Trees are good for the environment!

I know there are other mods that add wood production, but this one allows you to decorate your base with trees, and I think that's neat. You could also go on a quest to collect seeds for every kind of tree in the game if you wanted a challenge.

-Updated for Factorio version 0.16
-Bug fixes / code optimization.
-Fixed modules not working on the Mulcher MK-II
+Added an option to make trees place on the grid (on by default)
+Added an option to have seeds smelt into wood like they used to rather than have them used as fuel.
This update was put together mostly by Undarl . Thanks Undarl!
-Arboriums and Mulchers now have proper inventory icons.
-Locale compatibility for alien biomes and other mods.
-Arboriums and Mulchers now have their own sound effects while running.
-Fixed incomplete seed fuel data.
-Added settings.
^Updated to work with Factorio v. 0.15
+Seeds can now be used as fuel (fuel value 800kJ)
-Seeds can no longer be smelted into wood
-Fixed a crashing bug related to trees that have no minable field in their data
-Fixed a mod compatibility issue with planted saplings
+Added new technologies to unlock upgraded machines
+Added Mulcher MK-2
+Added Arborium MK-2 and MK-3
-Seeds now stack up to 500
-Only 4 seeds are needed to smelt into wood now
-Bio Industry confliction no longer causes seeds to cease existing on the mortal plane
-Mod now detects all trees in the game, and edits them rather than re-defining them (this increases compatibility with other mods and future game updates)
+Added art for the Mulcher
-Made seeds smelt-able into wood using a furnace
Initial release