Aircraft Realism

by haih_ys

Adds mechanics to make vehicles behave as planes. [Takeoff/Landing, Runway Requirement]

2 months ago
0.17 - 1.1
4 years ago
Latest Version:
1.5.6 (2 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
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45.7K users

Planes possess collisions and now needs to reach set speeds to takeoff. To customize your experience, a range of mechanics are provided, they are listed below.


This mod includes no planes by itself, you must install them separately. A non-exhaustive list of aircraft mods is listed


Planes are grounded by default need to reach their set takeoff speed to takeoff, after which they will become airborne and lose their collisions. To land, slow down below their set landing speed, after which it becomes grounded and gains its collisions.

Should the pilot bail while the plane is airborne, if there is a passenger available, they will become the pilot instead. Otherwise the plane will be destroyed. On the ground, the pilot cannot exit unless the plane is stopped.

Takeoff/landing speed, units can be modified in the in-game mod menu

User Interface

For an estimation of the takeoff distance of your plane, click the shortcut "Estimate takeoff distance" to the right of your toolbar, beside "Undo" and "Toggle Alt-mode" and hover your cursor over your plane. If the takeoff distance could not be determined, an orange line is drawn to indicate error.

Gauges appear at the top left of the screen, they convey the following information

Fuel gauge Description
Left fuel bar Remaining fuel in the aircraft tank
Right fuel bar Remaining energy in currently burning fuel item
Red light Turns on when remaining fuel in tank is below set threshold, sounds warning chime
Speed gauge Description
White needle Plane speed in your chosen unit (km/h or mph)
Red needle Plane takeoff or landing speed in your chosen unit (km/h or mph)

Enable/disable gauge + warning chime, warning threshold, units can be modified in the in-game mod menu

Optional mechanics

Name Description
Realistic turn radius Widens the turn radius of planes; planes can no longer spin on the spot. Enable/disable in the in-game mod menu
Realistic acceleration + braking force Slower acceleration and braking, requiring a greater distance to takeoff and land. Enable/disable in the in-game mod menu
Increase ground collision damage* Rocks, tree stumps and other objects will damage the plane more on takeoff and landing. Enable/disable in the in-game mod menu
Strict runway requirement* Runway tiles are tiles with a vehicle friction modifier less than what is set in the settings. When not on a runway tile, the max speed of the plane is limited to what is set in the settings - exceeding the max speed when not on a runway will damage the plane. Enable/disable, Max vehicle friction modifier for tiles, max speed when not on runway can be modified in the in-game mod menu
Deadly environmental impacts* Hitting cliffs and running into water on takeoff and landing will destroy the plane. Otherwise the plane just stops. Enable/disable in the in-game mod menu
Pollution* Planes emit pollution depending on their fuel type and speed. Enable/disable, pollution amount can be modified in the in-game mod menu
Airborne damage immunity* Airborne planes take no damage, if you are tired of biters destroying your planes (or you wish to use nuclear weapons without blowing yourself up). Enable/disable in the in-game mod menu
Fuel usage multiplier Modify how much fuel grounded and airborne planes use. Fuel usage can be modified in the in-game mod menu
* Disabled by default.

Mod Internals

For implementations of features and possible issues, see here for an up-to-date document.

It is possible to add your own planes using this mod, see here.


Thank you to everyone on the forums for reporting issues and offering suggestions.

Name Description
Thomasnotused Aircraft (original inspiration for this mod) and part of the plane icon seen in the thumbnail
Snouz Optimized sprites
TheKingJo German locale

Finally, thank you for using this mod!