Aircraft Realism

by haih_ys

Adds hud gauges, takeoff / landing and additional features to planes

26 days ago
0.17 - 1.1
1 year, 11 months ago
Latest Version:
1.3.0 (26 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
32205 times

Originally an extension to the Aircraft mod, now a framework for planes.

Some other planes:
- King Jo's B-17

New mechanics

The following can be configured, enabled and disabled from the ingame mod settings


A speed and fuel indicator so you do not need to hover your cursor over the plane to find information

Fuel gauge

  • Left fuel bar: Remaining fuel in the aircraft tank
  • Right fuel bar: Remaining energy in currently burning fuel item
  • Red light: Turns on when remaining fuel in tank is below set threshold

Speed gauge

  • White needle: Plane speed in km/h or mph depending on settings
  • Red needle: Plane takeoff or landing speed

Takeoff and landing

Planes need to reach their set takeoff speed to takeoff, otherwise it will collide into other objects

Slow down too much and the plane will land, colliding into any objects in the way

Strict runway requirement

planes must takeoff from tiles with a vehicle friction modifier less than what is set in the settings, otherwise the plane will take damage on takeoff and landing (disabled by default)

Environmental damage

Hitting cliffs and running into water on takeoff and landing will instantly destroy the plane

Jumping out of a flying plane will cause it to crash


Planes emit pollution depending on their fuel type and speed

Plane modifications

Plane statistics

Gunship: Medium takeoff, medium maneuverability

Cargo plane: Short takeoff, low maneuverability

Jet: Long takeoff, high maneuverability

Flying fortress: Medium takeoff, high maneuverability

Realistic turn radius

Widens the turn radius of planes, planes can no longer spin on the spot

Realistic acceleration + braking force

Slower acceleration and braking to feel more like a plane instead of a race car, requiring actual runways to takeoff and land

Realistic debris damage

Rocks, tree stumps and other objects will now damage the plane more on takeoff and landing


SuicidalKid - Part of the plane icon seen in the thumbnail
TheKingJo - German locale