Lunar Landings

A small overhaul which expands the factory onto Nauvis' moon: Luna.

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Lunar Landings is a small overhaul which has you build a second base on Nauvis' moon: Luna.

After launching a rocket (brought forwards to chemical science), you gain control of a robot on Luna, which can be switched to at any time. You must mine moon rock to create silicon, required by processing units. After completing utility and production sciences, start producing aluminium from rich moon rock using heat-outputting arc furnaces, and use telescopes placed on Luna mountains to generate data for space science. Utilise astrocrystals and polaritons to research quantum technologies, and then finally launch an interstellar rocket from Luna to win the game.

How does this compare to Space Exploration?

Lunar Landings is a completely standalone mod. Some parts may look similar because it uses some graphics from SE, and since both mods involve building on other planets, there is some gameplay overlap.
Lunar Landings is significantly shorter and easier. No changes are made to vanilla until chemical science, and only 2 new science packs are added (compared to SE's 22).

How does this compare to Space Age?

Lunar Landings shares a similar design philosophy to the upcoming Space Age expansion in that it adds a specific named planet, with its own challenges and limitations, and is a natural extension of vanilla gameplay. It is likely that LL and SA will be compatible in the future.


Development status

Lunar Landings has been in testing on my discord for 2 weeks, so is relatively stable. Over the next few weeks I will be further polishing it, particularly focusing on usability, graphics, and visual/audio feedback for things like rockets landing. There are likely to be some recipe changes as well.


  • Cheaper rocket silo, with reusable rocket parts
  • Moon rock, processed into silicon, stone, and oxygen
  • Oxygen diffusers, provide oxygen to nearby machines
  • Ice, can be mined and melted to provide water
  • Rich moon rock, processed into aluminium, iron, and moon rock
  • Arc furnaces, required for aluminium processing and output heat as a byproduct
  • Mass driver, used to deliver construction items to Luna based on requests
  • Steam condenser, for recovering water from steam turbines
  • Astrocrystals, processed into quantum things...

Other mods

Alien Biomes is a required mod because it contains some decoratives that Lunar Landings uses for the Luna surface. Feel free to customise its settings as much as you like, such as disabling certain tilesets or turning off tile-based movement penalties.

Lunar Landings is not compatible with any other overhaul mods. It will probably be compatible with Freight Forwarding and Space Age in the future. If you would like to contribute compatibility with another mod, please get in touch.

If you want additional complexity, consider adding AAI Industry or Planetfall's ores and intermediates mods. These mods are compatible, but may not have been as thoroughly tested for bugs and balance.

Also incompatible with beacon overhaul mods such as Beacon Rebalance for technical reasons, due to the implementation of LL's oxygen diffusers. This may be possible to resolve in the future, but on the other hand I might not bother due to 2.0's upcoming beacon rebalance anyway. If you want to try a beacon overhaul, (Alternative Beacons)[] is compatible.

For quality of life, you are free to choose your own. You can see my general recommendations here.


Thank you to Earendel for all the various graphics from SE and AB (used with permission, and only included by requiring the graphics mods).
Thank you to PreLeyZero for the core extractor, arc furnace, and quantum resonator from Exotic Industries.
Thank you to brevven for the silicon and aluminium icons from Very BZ.
Thank you to the Krastorio 2 team for the astrocrystals graphics and various icons.
Thank you to Bery0za for the steam condenser graphics from Bery0za's Pure It.
Thank you to FragJacker for the maglev train graphics from SE Space Trains.
Thank you to Sigma1 for the RTG graphics from SigmaOne's Nuclear.
Thank you to Galdoc for the rich moon rock ore graphics from Galdoc's manufacturing.
Thank you to notnotmelon for the mass driver requester graphics from Spidertron Logistics System.
Thank you to Frontrider for the mass driver technology icon.
Thank you to RedRafe and Stringweasel for various code contributions.
Thank you to all who have playtested this mod on my discord, especially fgardt!

If anyone would like to contribute better graphics, please get in touch!