Mods by Stringweasel

Hall of Fame

The most extensive collection of menu simulations that showcase beautiful and memorable megabases by talented players and speedrunners, including Xterminator, AntiElitz, SteveTrov, and many more! This can also be used as an relaxing screensaver. For more information about the bases see the mod page.

a month ago

Fluidic Power

Overhauls the power network to use the game's built-in fluid system in an attempt to make electricity more realistic. Adds working transformers for high power transmission, and creates various new and interesting power distribution challenges. Similar to the mods Flow Network and High Voltage, but significantly different by being the first mod that uses no on-tick power calculations. This means the UPS impact should be minimal for non-gigantic bases.

3 months ago

One Rocket Defense Per Minute by DaveMcW

This mod was written specifically for Alt-F4 #13. It mimics Factorio 0.11 to run an old One Rocket Defense Per Minute megabase built by DaveMcW. Caution: using this mod on other saves will confuse your inserters, and maybe some other things!

1 year, 5 months ago
1.0 - 1.1

Weasel's Demolition Derby

[Beta Release] Compare of your wit and driving skills against your friends in this brutal minigame! Based on 'Achtung, Die Kurwe!' (or 'Curve Fever') this game places you and friends in an arena to battle until one player is left. A tron-like trail is left behind your vehicle and various power-ups can give an advantage (or confuse your enemies!). Included is a lobby-system which allows for a persistently hosted mini-game. Feel free to host this yourself, or even create your own custom map!

6 months ago