Hall of Fame

The most extensive collection of menu simulations that showcase beautiful and memorable megabases by talented players and speedrunners, including Xterminator, AntiElitz, SteveTrov, and many more! This can also be used as an relaxing screensaver. For more information about the bases see the mod page.

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Hall of Fame - Menu Simulations

Factorio has a rich history of amazing creations, from highly optimized builds to beautiful and chaotic spaghetti. With the addition of the Menu Simulations in Factorio 1.1 it is time that we start a Hall of Fame to showcase these amazing creations. This is to commemorate the skilled and dedicated community and hopefully inspire even greater builds!

Therefore, if you install this mod then this Hall of Fame will occasionally appear behind your main menu, showcasing the graceful movement of full belts, speeding robots and some rumbling rockets. They will run almost indefinitely, which also makes for an amazing screensaver!

And remember, this mod won't affect your UPS at all. The simulations arn't even loaded while you're playing.

Check out this trailer accompanied by beautiful Wintergatan music that showcases the mod (click on the image):

Here is a list of bases currently featured, in no particular order:

  • DaveMcW: 1 Rocket Defense Per Minute. [29 June 2015 using Factorio 0.11]. I wrote an in-depth article about how this base works and incredibly well it is built. Note: the ratios are slightly off because of changes in recipes since Factorio 0.11.
  • Xterminator: Send Supporters to Space. [12 September 2017 using Factorio 0.16] A highly optimized 4 kspm (version equivalent) megabase where he sent his supporters to space in rockets. (Thanks Xterminator for the save!)
  • Zisteau: Meiosis. [July 2016 to May 2017 using Factorio 0.12 to 0.14]. The legendary YouTube player Zisteau builds a large factory based on various isolated cells, similar to cells in a growing organism, that he called meiosis. (Thanks Zisteau for the save!)
  • Wube: Factorio 1.1 Playtesting. [30 January 2020 using Factorio 1.1] This is the map that the Factorio developers (called Wube) used to playtest Factorio 1.1 during its development. The showcased outpost is visible in FFF #364 where Klonan shows off the new spidertron waypoints.
  • Wube: Factorio Trailer 2014. [1 May 2014 using Factorio 0.10] This is the map which was used for the orginal Factorio trailer in 2014. It was also adapted later to be used for the subsequent trailers in 2016 and 2020.
  • V453000: GridLock. [27 March 2018 using Factorio 0.16]. This base is built by the Wube developer V453000 to be used as a Roll-Up poster for conferences. It was another step towards mastering the way of organically grown factories. Note: The base was modified slightly to work in Factorio 1.1.
  • Biter Battle Championships: Baguette vs. SteelAxe. [6 February 2022 using Factorio 1.1] The longest match of the exciting first season of Biter Battle Championships. After a gruelling three and a half hours, and exorbitant amounts of science thrown between the opposing teams, Team Steelaxe finally prevailed after Baguette's silo was destroyed by biters.
  • RootNegative: Break The Game. [2 January 2016 using Factorio 0.12]. Probably one of biggest bases of the Factorio 0.12 era. Many people were very excited to see the Crusher running with it's sophisticated train unloader, although it's slightly outdated.
  • MojoD: 2 Red Belt Base. [Started March 2016 using Factorio 0.12]. This is a map that MojoD has worked on since the very early days of Factorio, which also turned it into a finely-tuned, train-heavy, circuit-driven 3200 SPM megabase when Factorio 0.16 was released. The railways in this save is beautiful and expansive, with smart circuits controlling everything from train dispatches and trash collection to angry phones.
  • KatherineOfSky and Caledorn: Multiplayer World Record 500+. [25 January 2020 using Factorio 0.18]. This map broke the world record for the most concurrent players on one map and is likely still the defending champion. At its peak they reached 521 concurrent players and had 924 unique players join. (Thanks KatherineOfSky for the save!)
  • NiftyManiac: GreyGoo Mk1. [16 February 2017 using Factorio 0.14] Using complex circuitry, in combination with Recursive Blueprints and a modified Logistic Train Network, this factory expanded autonomously.
  • Drogiwan Cannobi: JOSEF [May 2021 using Factorio 1.1] A robust self expanding factory named JOSEF (JOSEF's organically self-expanding factory). This base grew bigger than the self-expanding factory it was based on, namely: GreyGoo.
  • arrow in my gluteus maximus [24 April 2017 using Factorio 0.15] A real time digital clock using only trains and circuits. It's even visible from the map view!
  • One Chunk Factory Challenge. [Nov/Dec 2019 using Factorio 0.17]. Showcased: first place by acmemyst with 9.2 SPM, and second place by ostertoasterii
    with 8.7 SPM.
  • Lily Rose: Beautiful Belt Megabase. [19 May 2018 using Factorio 0.15]. A beautiful belt-only megabase built with precision and finesse.
  • SteveTrov: Go Big or Go Home 15 RPM. [13 April 2017 using Factorio 0.14]. Likely the fastest vanilla-ish base at the time.
  • SteveTrov: Monolithic Train Megabase 10 kSPM. [7 January 2020 using Factorio 0.18]. A beautiful and incredibly well designed 10 kSPM megabase using only trains, occasional bots, and no belts. This base has been extensively used for benchmarking by the Technical Factorio community.
  • Accidental Chef: 10 Rockets Per Minute. [18 January 2017 using Factorio 0.14]. Likely the of the biggest vanilla-ish megabase of the time.
  • Swolar: 20kSPM 60 UPS. [6 May 2020 using Factorio 0.18]. Shown is only one of 107 identical, fully contained, modules. At the time it was likely the highest science per minute while maintaining the highest UPS megabase ever built. Built using the editor.
  • flame_Sla: 30kSPM 60 UPS. [7 January 2021 using Factorio 1.1]. At the time biggest and most UPS efficient base ever built, surpassing Swolar's base by 10 kSPM, and in UPS optimization in Factorio 1.1. Built in the editor it comprises out of 30 identical 1kSPM blocks to achieve 30kSPM. Note: the linked Reddit-post only mentions 20kSPM, but a benchmark was later run on a 30kSPM version that reached 70 UPS!
  • SteveTrov: 40kSPM 60UPS. [26 May 2021 using Factorio 1.1]. Expertly combining the valiant efforts by the community into this 1kSPM cell-based megabase SteveTrove created the most UPS efficient megabase ever. Or at least - for now.
  • AntiElitz: Speedrun Any% Factorio 0.14 World Record: 1h 58m 15s. [26 March 2017 using Factorio 0.14]. This is the last Any% speedrun world record before the Research Revolution of Factorio 0.15 - by the original Factorio speedrunner, AntiElitz.
  • Nefrums: Speedrun Any% Former World Record: 1h 38m 58s. [4 December 2021 using Factorio 1.1.4]. The speedrunning legend, Nefrums, broke the previous world record held by Phoenix27833 by less than a minute with this run.
  • Franqly: Speedrun Any% World Record: 1h 29m 43s. [2 June 2021 using Factorio 1.1.34] The first Any% sub 90 minute run ever by a fairly new contender.
  • Warger: Speedrun 100% World Record: 5h 26m 46s. [22 January 2022 using Factorio 1.1.53] World record in completing all achievements in the shortest time possible by Warger who, at the time, dominates this 100% speedrun category.
  • Gotyoke: Tool-Assisted Speedrun (TAS) Any%: 1h 21m 20s. [27 April 2020 using Factorio 0.18.17] This is the only known tool-assisted speedrun (meaning the engineer is controlled by a script) that has actually launched a rocket (except for a previous TAS run by the same player). This is also likely the fastest a rocket has ever been launched in by a single engineer. This is a very unique and epic achievement!
  • Rain9441: Speedrun Default Settings: 4h 13m 37s. [3 December 2017 using Factorio 0.15.40]. This was likely the first Default Settings Speedrun attempt that used construction bots, where prior speedrunners didn't bother with the extra requirements. Although this specific run wasn't very fast, using construction bots later became World Record strategy.
  • Soelless Gaming (P0ober) & JD-Plays: Spaghetti Base. [9 May 2020 using Factorio 0.18]. Beautiful and chaotic spaghetti base which is also used as the Alt-F4 background.
  • Soelless Gaming (P0ober): Beautiful Megabase. [31 October 2017 using Factorio 0.15]. Beautiful belts in a city-block pattern.
  • Valkhiya: Beehive. [4 August 2019 using Factorio 0.17]. A beautiful megabase producing 1.35 kSPM built in a hexagonal grid. The beautiful lights next to the rails are inspired by Zisteau's Recursion Recursion series' Rainbow Roads.
  • Horvenbeestinger: Beautiful Light Megabase. [26 September 2020 using Factorio 1.0]. Absolutely beautiful base, especially at night with the new lighting effects in Factorio 1.1.
  • DoshDoshington: No Belts and No Bots. [11 May 2022 using Factorio 1.1]. A crazy run by the infamous DoshDoshington where he didn't use any belts or bots to launch a rocket. Instead he relied on transporting all items through a crazy static train-wagon bus and a lot of inserters.
  • dentoid: Sushi Loop. [17 October 2021 using Factorio 1.1]. A beautiful and functional sushi belt driven factory. It was originally built using cheaper recipe's so it's running slower than seen on the reddit post.
  • Gh0stP1rate and Hamiebarmund: 10k SPM 100% Vanilla Megabase. [7 November 2020 using Factorio 1.0]. One of the biggest true vanilla bases.
  • Quazarz_: Science River [2 May 2020 using Factorio 0.18]. Beautiful science sushi belt river.
  • Maelstrom: Nauvis Post Collapse [16 August 2019 using Factorio 0.18]. An enormous handcrafted map exploring the collapse of the Nauvis colony after it perished in the first AI war.
  • FearThePenguin: Twitch Plays Factorio [14 February 2022 using Factorio 1.1]. Twitch chat has total control of the engineer and successfully launches a rocket.
  • Tritex989: Daft Punk with Programmable Speakers [22 May 2017 using Factorio 0.15]. A cover of the famous "Daft Punk" song "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" using only the combinators and programmable speakers visible in the simulation.
  • MangledPork Gaming: Towns. [July 2015 to September 2017 using Factorio 0.12 to 0.15]. Bentham created a small town-based factory over a few versions of Factorio.
  • MangledPork Gaming: Living With Biters. [February 2015 to June 2016 using Factorio 0.12]. A unique base where Bentham lived in harmony between the native biters by enabling peaceful mode. Unfortunately, in modern Factorio, this is no longer possible without them destroying your structures.
  • Goose: Burner Inserter Megabase. [September 2019 using Factorio 0.17]. A megabase using only burner inserters.
  • PM_ME_DELICIOUS_FOOD: BadBagel. [30 October 2020 using Factorio 1.0]. Chaotic spaghetti base with creative and odd systems. Watch the trains and sushi belts.
  • PIrusama: Symbiotic Utopia. [July 2021 using Factorio 1.1]. "It's sort of a symbiotic utopia that self-contains pollution. The biters wouldn't call it an utopia but, oh well."
  • T-1024: Diagonal Madness. [31 March 2018 using Factorio 0.16] A base where everything is built diagonally.
  • Aaron Lecon: The Smeltery Emporium[26 September 2021 using Factorio 1.1] A thorough collection of different furnaces with a very beautifully compact furnace array.
  • Griswold: Ant Farm. [16 October 2017 using Factorio 0.15] A buzzing factory that achieved 1 RPM using only small trains and no bots.
  • Ellipticality: Logistic Distribution Center[10 October 2020 using Factorio 1.0] A beautiful distribution center for items and fluids that automatically supply and request items to and from modules using circuits. Achieves 1 kspm.
  • Ellipticality: The Eye of the Desert[8 January using Factorio 1.0] This player is back with an even bigger beautiful base. A central distribution center was built again but this time achieved using belts, and sustains a 2 kspm base!
  • silverwyrm: The Gear Mk2. [24 September 2020 using Factorio 1.0] After the community enjoyed his first Gear Mall, silverwyrm expanded his creation and brought us The Gear Mk2!
  • Kfitik: β‰ˆ12 kSPM Vanilla-ish. Started in Factorio 0.17, and runs at 7 UPS.

Expanding the Hall of Fame

The current Hall of Fame list is not complete, and there are still a lot of amazing bases that could be added. If you have any suggestions for new additions to the Hall of Fame, please mention them in the discussion.


  • I did not build any of the bases showcased. I'm simply compiling a list of memorable bases that other people built which are typically published on Reddit, YouTube or the Factorio Forums. If you do not like your base being showcased please let me know.
  • Some bases' functionality might be modified slightly to work better as a menu simulation, while attempting to remain true to the aesthetics.
  • If you're using an overhaul mod (like Krastorio or Space Exploration) then some of the simulations will likely not work correctly.


  • All the players that allow me to showcase their beautiful creations.
  • Snouz for the beautiful thumbnail and helping reduce the mod file size.
  • Conor_ for the glorious Mod Spotlight.
  • valneq for changing my thought into a great idea.