Hall of Fame

The most extensive collection of menu simulations that showcase beautiful and memorable megabases by talented players and speedrunners, including Xterminator, AntiElitz, SteveTrov, and many more! This can also be used as an relaxing screensaver. For more information about the bases see the mod page.

a month ago


Found a bug?

Please let me know! You can do this either in the modpage discussion, or find me on the Official Factorio Discord.

Will this effect my in-game UPS?

This mod has zero effect on your UPS.

Why can I see the edges of the map?

If you have a high resolution screen or a wide screen it's possible that you see the edges of the map. To circumvent this you can enlarge the simulations by zooming in. Go into settings and change the Zoom Modifier until the simulation looks good on your screen.

What settings are available?

There are a few things you can customize on how the simulations play:
- You can set how long each base will play in seconds. It starts with a default playtime of 2 minutes so that you have time to investigate the beautiful bases. These bases can run almost indefinitely, which means with longer durations it will create a beautiful screensaver.
- You can turn on Alt-Mode, which is off by default.
- The volume of the simulations can be adjusted using the Volume Modifier. Set it to 0 to mute.
- There's an options to enable simulations with Moving camera which will allow a few simulations to move the camera, such as the Gotyoke TAS Speedrun and Nauvis Post Collapse. This is disabled by default since it could be uncomfortable for the background to move while working in the menu.
- It's possible to mute the sound-driven simulations using the Mute Sound-Driven Simulations setting. These simulations' sounds might be disruptive to your music, and can therefore be specifically muted.
- Different resolution screens will display the simulations at different zoom levels. Adjust the Zoom Modifier if it doesn't fit nicely on your screen. Lower values for smaller screens, and higher for bigger screens. Default 1.
- Vanilla simulations are turned off by default, but it's advised to turn it back on after you enjoyed the Hall of Fame.