Weasel's Demolition Derby

Compare of your wit and driving skills against your friends in this brutal minigame! Based on 'Achtung, Die Kurwe!' (or 'Curve Fever') this game places you and friends in an arena to battle until one player is left. A tron-like trail is left behind your vehicle and various power-ups can give an advantage (or confuse your enemies!). Included is a lobby-system which allows for a persistently hosted mini-game. Feel free to host this yourself, or even create your own custom map!

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Weasel's Demolition Derby is a last-man-standing minigame where the last player alive gains the most points. You and your friends are placed in an arena inside your vehicles, and once the round starts you can never stop driving. You're goal is to out-drive your friends and force them to crash. To your advantage (or disadvantage) are various special effects that are triggered by driving through beacons. The most important aspect is that as you drive you leave behind a trail of walls which will kill a player on impact.

This mod is heavily inspired by a browser game "Achtung, die Kurve!" which my friends and I played when we should've been studying.

How It Works

  1. After joining you and your friends should enter the same coloured lobby by standing on one of the coloured teleporting pads.
  2. When you are all ready to play get into one of the parked vehicles in the lobby.
  3. Once all players in the lobby are inside vehicles you'll be teleported to the arena, where the round will start.
  4. Last player alive wins!

The Effects

During your battle of wits with your friends there will be various effects that can be obtained. The colour of the effect will give you an indication if it's typically advantageous or not to activate it. An effect is activated by driving through it. Below is a list of the effects that are available in-game. Choose carefully!

Starting your own Server

This minigame requires a specific save-file to be used that contains the arena's and lobbies. If you want to try this yourself you can download it here. After download, host this save as a multiplayer game, get your friends to join, and then start playing!

I also hope to have constant online server with the minigame running, but that's not available just yet.