One Rocket Defense Per Minute by DaveMcW deprecated

This mod was written specifically for Alt-F4 #13. It mimics Factorio 0.11 to run an old One Rocket Defense Per Minute megabase built by DaveMcW. Caution: using this mod on other saves will confuse your inserters, and maybe some other things!

3 years ago
1.0 - 1.1
3 years ago
Latest Version:
1.1.0 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
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43 users

This mod is written specifically for Alt-F4 #13 which explores a megabase built by DaveMcW in 2015 using Factorio 0.11. At the time the art of building optimized megabases only just started, and even building them was very time-consuming. This mod simply changes recipes (among other things) to run DaveMcW's megabase in Factorio 1.0.

To use it you'll need the migrated save which is available to download through the Alt-F4 #13 release. You will also find interesting information about what it took to build the megabase, some information on how it's designed, and also differences between Factorio 0.11 and how we know Factorio today. You can find the original megabase published on Reddit or on the Factorio Forums.

The symmetric circuit build for this base is also showcased in the unofficial Factorio Hall of Fame.

Caution: Don't use this mod on other saves, because it might break your save. It's designed specifically for this megabase.