Space Spidertron

A flying spidertron capable of traversing in the zero-gravity environment of space. It also includes a dock for safe spidertron travel on spaceships. Designed to be used with Space Exploration.

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Space Spidertron

A flying spidertron capable of traversing in the zero-gravity environment of space. These spidertrons have the same properties as normal spidertrons except it hovers using a rocket engine, and has no guns. Therefore they are perfect builders for your space bases where there might not be scaffolding everywhere to walk. Now you have a friend you can leave behind in the remote astroid field that will happily help you fix your inevitable mistakes.

Also included is a spidertron dock for safe travel on spaceships. It's designed to be used with Space Exploration's spaceships.


  • Spiders losing limbs when forgetting to "Keep your hands and legs inside the vehicle".The docks will keep them safe during your exploration to new stars to conquer and expand. It does mean also that regular spidertrons can no longer function in space or on spaceships - which be disabled with a settings if required.
  • Allows you to optionally add a spidertron to your spaceships without it costing integrity, with the disadvantage of it being fully disabled by docking to a passive dock.
  • Easily reactivate the passive spidertron to be fully functional while still docked, allowing it to repair/defend your spaceship and even satisfy logistic requests.
  • Space Spidertron will be deployed when placed in a cargo rocket when venturing to new planets and moons.
  • It looks cool!


  • Kirazy for the Spidertron eye mask
  • Xorimuth for the super useful spidertron_lib.
  • Klonan for how to make the spidertron fly.
  • Earendel for Space Exploration - the most epic mod on the portal!
  • justarandomgeek for this Factorio debugger, without which this mod would not have been possible.