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Recommended mods for any game

  • Spidertron Enhancements
  • Spidertron Patrols
  • Factory Search
  • Module Inserter Simplified
  • Ghost Warnings

Mods by Xorimuth

Spidertron Enhancements

Some simple features to make your life easier whilst using a spidertron: - Enter a vehicle without leaving your spidertron - Quickly toggle between engineer and spidertron - Use spidertron remote pathfinder to navigate around lakes - Automatically sort spidertron inventories - Pipette remotes from inventory by hovering over spidertrons - Directly open the inventory of a vehicle that you are currently driving

6 days ago
1.0 - 1.1

Spidertron Engineer

Build your factory as a Spidertron from the start! Instead of unlocking better weapons and armor, unlock upgrades to yourself.

8 days ago
1.0 - 1.1

Spidertron Weapon Switcher

Allows the Spidertron to fire any type of weapon by cycling through different loadouts with Control + Tab.

17 days ago
1.0 - 1.1

Factory Search

Search your factory for items, fluids, entities, signals, tags and more with Shift + F. Displays a list of matching buildings: clicking on a result opens it in the map. Supports Space Exploration (works across all surfaces). Control + Shift + Click on almost anything (e.g. built entity, inventory item, recipe) to open the search with that item selected. Similar to BeastFinder and Where is it Made?

a month ago

Spidertron Patrols

Send spidertrons on patrols and automatically load and unload them using docks. Adds mid-game spiderling to allow the new features to be used sooner. Replacement for Spidertron Waypoints. Simpler alternative to AAI Programmable Vehicles. Allows creating patrols for Lex's Aircraft.

9 days ago

Power Overload

Performant, semi-realistic power distribution overhaul. Power poles can explode if the total electrical consumption on the network is too high. Use transformers to separate networks so that subnetworks do not take more power than they can handle. Now with brand new graphics!

12 days ago

Filter Chests

Adds filter support to all chests (including logistic, linked, and all modded chests). Optionally adds separate filter chest items craftable from their corresponding regular chest, or adds a toggle button to switch between filter and non-filter chests.

6 days ago

Module Inserter Simplified

Easy-to-use tool for inserting and upgrading modules in machines using construction robots. Alternative to Module Inserter, without any configuration GUI required. Can be installed alongside Module Inserter (Extended).

2 months ago

Ghost Warnings

Gives a warning when a ghost or module request is placed and there isn't an item in the logistic network to build it. Particularly useful with Space Exploration's Navigation Satellite.

2 months ago


Long-distance logistics overhaul. Pack intermediate products into crates before transporting them using combinations of trains, cargo ships, and even spidertrons! Also includes island/continent terrain generation, shallow water, and an expensive variant of landfill for deeper water.

21 hours ago


A 'Vanilla Plus' modpack featuring much greater long-distance logistics variety. Pack intermediate products into crates before transporting them using combinations of trains, ships, and even spidertrons! Also includes Sand & Glass, BZ Lead & Titanium, Greenhouses, and more...

6 months ago

Spidertron Waypoints deprecated

Have more control over your spidertrons by using waypoints and creating patrols! Includes customizable 'Time passed' or 'Inactivity' wait conditions. ⚠️ Deprecated. Please use Spidertron Patrols instead. ⚠️

1 year, 11 months ago
1.0 - 1.1