Module Inserter Simplified

Easy-to-use tool for inserting and upgrading modules in machines using construction robots. Use Module Inserter Extended if you want to create detailed configurations per machine type (it is a straight upgrade from Module Inserter). Use Module Inserter Simplified if you want to easily create module requests, one type at a time, without any complex configuration GUI. Can be installed alongside MI Extended if you really want to...

8 months ago
1 year, 5 months ago
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1.1.4 (8 months ago)
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Module Inserter Simplified

Click the shortcut button or press Alt + M to get the module inserter. Use Shift + Scroll to cycle between modules:

Click and drag the mouse to fill the selected machines with modules:

Right-click and drag the mouse to insert a single module into each machine:

Shift-click and drag the mouse to clear module requests.
Shift-right-click and drag the mouse to remove one module request from each machine.
Use Remove modules to remove all modules with left-click, and one module per machine with right-click.

Click on the configuration button in the top-left corner whilst holding the module inserter to access the configuration window. Use of this feature is completely optional, but it can be useful to remove modules from the cycle that aren't being used.
Modules will be automatically enabled when unlocked.

When a module request is completed, the modules in that machine will be sorted.


  • Review the above instructions in-game using Tips and tricks
  • Remove Shift + Scroll zoom keybinds in Controls settings to stop it interfering with module cycling


The original Module Inserter is a powerful tool for inserting custom configurations of modules into machines. However, I didn't like having to create and save different configurations for every type of module and having to add each building type individually to each configuration. Module Inserter Extended helps with the second problem, but still, I thought I could come up with totally new, and much easier to use solution...

Module Inserter Simplified is very simple and doesn't have configurations to set up beforehand. For 99% of usecases it will be much more straightforward. Using right-click and drag (insert single module) it is possible to request any combination of modules, but you may prefer to still use Module Inserter (Extended) for this. Module Inserter Simplified is a completely separate mod so there's no problems having both in the same save.

Works in multiplayer and compatible with any mod. Tested for compatibility with Space Exploration, Krastorio2, Bob's Modules, Pyanodons, and Nullius.


You can help by translating this mod into your language using CrowdIn. Any translations made will be included in the next release.