Factory Search

Search your factory for items, fluids, entities, signals, tags and more with Shift + F. Displays a list of matching buildings: clicking on a result opens it in the map. Supports Space Exploration (works across all surfaces). Control + Shift + Click on almost anything (e.g. built entity, inventory item, recipe) to open the search with that item selected. Similar to BeastFinder and Where is it Made?

2 months ago
1 year, 8 months ago
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1.10.14 (2 months ago)
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Factory Search

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

"Where are the repair packs being made?"

"How many green circuit machines do I have?"

"Which planet did I build my iron smelters on?"

If so, then Factory Search might be the mod for you!

Similar to BeastFinder and Where is it Made?. This mod was made to provide an easy-to-use and clean-looking interface that can perform cross-surface searches and immediate viewing of search results in the map view (and across planets with Space Exploration).

Check out Xterminator's mod spotlight here.


  • Press Shift + F to open search interface (can be changed in Settings > Controls)
  • Pick any combination of the following search modes
    • Ingredient: Search for machines that consume this item (either as ingredient or fuel)
    • Product: Search for machines that produce this item or fluid
    • Storage: Search for containers that contain this item or fluid
    • Logistics: Search for logistics entities that are transporting this item
    • Module: Search for machines that are using this module
    • Entity: Search for built entities of this item, including resource patches
    • Ground: Search for this item on the ground
    • Request: Search for logistic containers that are requesting this item
    • Signal: Search for entities that are sending this signal
    • Tag: Search for tags on the map that have this icon
  • Factory Search will present a list of machines matching the selected search modes, grouped by name and proximity
  • Displays results from all surfaces (e.g. all Space Exploration planets are searched)
  • Click on a result group to open it in the map
  • Opens results from other planets in the Navigation Satellite if using Space Exploration
  • Control + Shift + Click on any game object (e.g. built entity, inventory item, recipe) to open the search interface with that item selected
  • Supports multiplayer and compatible with any mod. No UPS impact when not in use, but searching may freeze the game for a couple of seconds on larger maps
    • Background search can be enabled to search in the background instead of freezing the game (enabled by default in multiplayer)

Future Updates?

  • Better categorisation of search modes
  • More streamlined item selection workflow
  • Integration with Recipe Book and Quick Item Search
  • Better support for PvP so that corpses and ground items aren't shown in hidden chunks
  • 'Expanded' view, with inline cameras like the train overview GUI (not for many months…)


You can help by translating this mod into your language using CrowdIn. Any translations made will be included in the next release.

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