Spidertron Patrols

Send spidertrons on patrols and automatically load and unload them using docks. Adds mid-game spiderling to allow the new features to be used sooner. Replacement for Spidertron Waypoints. Simpler alternative to AAI Programmable Vehicles.

3 days ago
1 year, 2 months ago
Latest Version:
2.2.5 (3 days ago)
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Patrol Schedule

  • Use the patrol remote to create a series of waypoints
  • Open the inventory of a spidertron with waypoints to see the schedule editor

Spidertron Docks

  • Docks connect to a spidertron standing above them and share its inventory, so that inserters can interact with the spidertron
  • Circuits wires can be connected to docks to allow its contents to be read


  • Spiderling is a slower, smaller and weaker spidertron unlocked by chemical (blue) science
  • Added so that patrols and docks can be used before the spidertron is unlocked at the end of the game


  • Spidertron Enhancements is a required dependency which, amongst other features, allows you to open a spidertron's inventory (and patrol schedule) from anywhere whilst holding a connected remote by pressing Shift + E

Known Bugs / Limitations

  • Each patrol waypoint can only have one wait condition set. If you need more, you can usually just set multiple waypoints in the same position, each with a different wait condition
  • Spidertron docks cannot be filtered so if you connect a spidertron with filters in its inventory and the inventory becomes full or nearly full, items can be lost (not possible to fix because it requires this API feature - please post there in support)
  • For performance reasons, when items with associated data (such as modular armor) in a spidertron inventory are taken out of a connected dock's inventory, they lose all their data. This loses all the equipment in that armor's equipment grid
  • Waypoint markers cannot be seen in map view (not possible to add because it requires this API feature - please post there in support)
  • Performance is good, but not insignificant:
    • Docks are limited so that only 20 are updated each tick. Adding lots of docks will simply increase the update delay for each dock instead of reducing UPS
    • Spidertrons waiting at waypoints also add to the mod update time. The "Inactivity" wait condition is particularly expensive
    • If you are running into performance problems, send me the save and I can probably make some improvements to the mod to help you
  • Use /reset-sps-render-objects if render objects (numbers and lines on the ground) are behaving unexpectedly

Future Updates?

  • Progress bars for wait conditions inside schedule user interface
  • Shortcut that toggles spidertron "Automatic"/"Manual"


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Replaces Spidertron Waypoints.

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