Spidertron Patrols

Send spidertrons on patrols and automatically load and unload them using docks. Adds mid-game spiderling to allow the new features to be used sooner. Replacement for Spidertron Waypoints. Simpler alternative to AAI Programmable Vehicles. Allows creating patrols for Lex's Aircraft.

5 months ago
Logistics Combat
2 years ago
Latest Version:
2.4.10 (5 months ago)
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Patrol Schedule

  • Use the patrol remote to create a series of waypoints
  • Open the inventory of a spidertron to obtain a patrol remote and edit its schedule

Spidertron Docks

  • Docks connect to a spidertron standing above them and share its inventory, so that inserters can interact with the spidertron
  • Circuits wires can be connected to docks to allow its contents to be read


  • Spiderling is a slower, smaller and weaker spidertron unlocked by chemical (blue) science
  • Added so that patrols and docks can be used before the spidertron is unlocked at the end of the game


  • Spidertron Enhancements is a required dependency which, amongst other features, allows you to open a spidertron's inventory (and patrol schedule) whilst driving it or holding a connected remote by pressing Shift + E. If Remote Configuration is installed, it will work even for out-of-range spidertrons.

Known Bugs / Limitations

  • Each patrol waypoint can only have one wait condition set. If you need more, you can usually just set multiple waypoints in the same position, each with a different wait condition
  • For performance reasons, when items with associated data (such as modular armor) in a spidertron inventory are taken out of a connected dock's inventory, they lose all their data. This loses all the equipment in that armor's equipment grid
  • Performance is good, but not insignificant:
    • Docks are limited so that only 20 are updated each tick. Adding lots of docks will simply increase the update delay for each dock instead of reducing UPS
    • Spidertrons waiting at waypoints also add to the mod update time. The "Inactivity" wait condition is particularly expensive
    • If you are running into performance problems, send me the save and I can probably make some improvements to the mod to help you
  • Use /reset-sp-render-objects if render objects (numbers and lines on the ground) are behaving unexpectedly


You can help by translating this mod into your language using CrowdIn. Any translations made will be included in the next release.

Allows creating patrols for Lex's Aircraft, since those aircraft are spidertrons internally.
Fully compatible with Krastorio 2, Space Exploration, Exotic Industries, Industrial Revolution 3, and Nullius.

Thank you to:

  • danatron1 for creating the patrol remote icon
  • notnotmelon for some of the dock prototype code
  • raiguard for the GUI library and style tips
  • kumpuu for adding the ability to show patrol paths in map view