Spidertron Waypoints deprecated

Have more control over your spidertrons by using waypoints and creating patrols! Includes customizable 'Time passed' or 'Inactivity' wait conditions. ⚠️ Deprecated. Please use Spidertron Patrols instead. ⚠️

1 year, 7 months ago
1.0 - 1.1
1 year, 11 months ago
Latest Version:
1.7.3 (1 year, 7 months ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
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⚠️ Deprecated. Please use Spidertron Patrols instead. ⚠️

Spidertron Waypoints

Have more control over your spidertrons with waypoints! Set up your spidertrons with one-time waypoints or permanent patrols.
Even though basic waypoints are now available in 1.1, this mod goes far beyond that by adding infinitely-repeating patrols and customizable wait conditions similar to train stations/stops.

You can see Xterminator's Mod Spotlight here:


  • In waypoint mode, Click with the spidertron remote to add a waypoint
  • In patrol mode, Click to mark the position sequence, then Click on the 1 or Alt + Click to finish the sequence and the spidertron will start following it
  • Press Y after placing a waypoint whilst holding a remote to set the countdown duration and type for it
  • Wait condition types: Time passed will wait for X seconds; Inactivity will wait for X seconds of inactivity (i.e. no changes to inventory or ammo)
  • Press Y at any other time or Shift + Y to configure the default wait condition
  • Shift + Left Click whilst holding a spidertron remote to clear all waypoints for that spidertron
  • Shift + Right Click whilst holding a spidertron remote to disconnect it from its spidertron
  • Switch to direct, waypoint and patrol modes with Shift + F, Shift + C, Shift + X respectively (notice the 'circle' that they make around WASD!)
  • Cycle through all 3 modes with Shift + Scroll or + and - (you can remove modes from this cycle in the mod settings)
  • Switch modes by mouse in the shortcut bar and easily view which mode is active


  • Shift + Scroll controls are derived from Blueprint book next and Blueprint book previous. If you have rebound these controls, this mod's shift-scrolling will not work
  • Remove Shift + Mouse wheel up and Shift + Mouse wheel down from Zoom in and Zoom out controls if you are using the Shift + Scroll controls
  • Try using 1.1's spidertron logistics tab to autofill your patrolling spidertrons or use with Inactivity waypoints to wait until item requests are completed before returning to a building site

Known Bugs / Limitations

  • Waypoint markers cannot be seen in map view (not possible to add because it requires this API addition - please post there in support of the addition)
  • Changing a waypoint's countdown length whilst a spidertron is at that waypoint changes the waypoint text but has no effect on the spidertron's remaining time


You can help by translating this mod into your language using CrowdIn. Any translations made will be included in the next release.

Mod Compatibility

For compatibility with other mods that use on_player_used_spider_remote, this mod provides a remote interface. The new event on_spidertron_given_new_destination is raised when a spidertron has been given a new autopilot_target, and comes with an event table containing player_index, vehicle, position, and success (always set to true). Note that event.player does not exist. The following example should be placed in on_init and on_load:

if game.active_mods["SpidertronWaypoints"] then
    local event_ids = remote.call("SpidertronWaypoints", "get_events")
    local on_spidertron_given_new_destination = event_ids.on_spidertron_given_new_destination
    script.on_event(on_spidertron_given_new_destination, function(event)
        -- Do stuff here instead of in `on_player_used_spider_remote`

Additionally, there are remote functions that allow other mods to use waypoints and patrols:

Clears all waypoints for the spidertron associated with unit_number

assign_waypoints(spidertron, waypoints)
Sends the spidertron to each waypoint sequentially
spidertron :: LuaEntity
waypoints :: array of tables with keys position (Position), wait_time (int - default 0) in seconds and wait_type (string - either "time_passed" or "inactivity" - default "time_passed")

assign_patrol(spidertron, waypoints)
Same as assign_waypoints, but creates and starts a persistent patrol

Let me know if you plan on using these and I can help you with debugging or adding new features if you need them.

Thank you to danatron1 for creating the patrol remote icon (which also doubles up as a cool thumbnail!) and smokefumus for creating the waypoint remote icon.

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