Spidertron Engineer

Build your factory as a Spidertron from the start! Instead of unlocking better weapons and armor, unlock upgrades to yourself.

1 year, 2 months ago
1.0 - 1.1
Transportation Combat
3 years ago
Latest Version:
1.8.11 (1 year, 2 months ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
3.41K users

Spidertron Engineer

Are you tired of walking around on only 2 legs? Now you can live your whole life as a hulking 8-legged spider mech!

You can see Xterminator's Mod Spotlight here:

Major Features

  • Spawn from the start as a Spidertron (with no way to exit it!*)
  • Starting Spidertron stats are adjusted to be comparable to a normal engineer
  • Reworked military and armor research technologies to add weapons, armor, inventory and equipment grid slots to the Spidertron instead
    • For example, when the Modular Armor research is completed, 10 inventory slots, a small equipment grid, increased health and resistances, and physical size increases are applied directly to all players (thank you to Qon for the help with size scaling!)
  • Optional space science rework (thank you to Polsefel for the suggestion)
    • Launch spidertrons into space instead of satellites to obtain space science packs (a spidertron does cost ~3x that of a satellite, but the difference is small compared to the total cost of all the rocket parts)
    • Reclaim fish from the rocket either directly or by converting space science into fish
  • Optionally spawn with a spidertron remote configured to control your own Spidertron Engineer, allowing point-and-click movement
  • Heal surrounding buildings by emitting a repair pack as a repair cloud
  • Dependency on Spidertron Enhancements adds other QoL features such as Spidertron Engineer inventory items being sorted and spilled when you die and Shift + E to open Spidertron Engineer inventory directly

*There is a setting that allows you to exit the Spidertron. This allows some features from other mods to work, such as entering a factory in Factorissimo2

Other Info

  • Supports multiplayer, including different forces/factions
  • Can be added or removed from existing saves at any time (but items and equipment stored in the Spidertron Engineer will be lost!)
  • The whole Spidertron Engineer can fit inside trains and carriages (just press Enter next to one)
  • Vanilla Spidertron is untouched and can be unlocked and used remotely as usual
  • Use /create-spidertron [playername] command if a player is left without a spidertron because of a mod incompatibility
  • Player reach increased by 3 tiles to compensate for the fiddly movement of the spidertron


  • Personal roboports can only work with robots and items in the Spidertron trunk

Future Updates?

  • Tested and balanced mod compatibility, in particular: Krastorio2, Bob's Vehicle Equipment, Spidertron Extended
  • Help needed: because I've never played any overhaul mods, it will be tricky for me to balance this mod to work with them. I'd appreciate suggestions about which technology researches to place upgrades at and which weapons/stats to have at each upgrade. I can happily go beyond the current 6 tiers if needed
  • Better handling of player inventory vs spidertron inventory; see this discussion. It is heavily restricted by the mod API


  • You can help by translating this mod into your language using CrowdIn. Any translations made will be included in the next release.