Spidertron Enhancements

Some simple features to make your life easier whilst using a spidertron: - Enter a vehicle without leaving your spidertron - Quickly toggle between engineer and spidertron - Use spidertron remote pathfinder to navigate around lakes - Automatically sort spidertron inventories - Pipette remotes from inventory by hovering over spidertrons - Directly open the inventory of a vehicle that you are currently driving

4 days ago
1.0 - 1.1
3 months ago
Latest Version:
1.4.8 (4 days ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
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Spidertron Enhancements

Some simple features to make your life easier whilst using a spidertron. All features can be turned on or off individually.

Enter vehicles from spidertron

Press Enter or U near a vehicle whilst riding a spidertron to enter the vehicle.

Quick toggle spidertron

Press U to exit or re-enter the spidertron.

Spidertron remote pathfinder

Alt + Click with the spidertron remote to use the pathfinder to automatically navigate around water.

Recall last used spidertron

Press Alt + C or click on the shortcut to call your most recently driven spidertron to you.

Spidertron remote pipette

Press Shift + Q whilst hovering your cursor over a spidertron to select a remote from your inventory connected to that spidertron. If no connected remotes are found then an unconnected remote will be selected and connected (you can turn this off in Per player settings).

Open vehicle inventories directly

Press Shift + E whilst in a vehicle (not just a spidertron!) to open its inventory.

Spidertron inventory sort

Spidertron inventories are automatically sorted just like the player's.

Spidertron corpse with inventory

Spidertron inventories are saved into a corpse instead of being lost when it dies.

Known Bugs / Limitations

  • Spidertron equipment grids and logistics cannot function whilst the spidertron is 'inside' the player
  • When a spidertron enters a vehicle or is quick-toggled, any remotes connected to it that are stored in an inventory more than 30 tiles from a player will become disconnected
  • Compatibility with Spidertron Weapon Switcher is a little unstable. It will work for the vast majority of the time, but there is the possibility of a crash, so please ensure that you are saving regularly if using these mods together. Ammo placed in an inactive weapon's slots will be lost when you enter a vehicle or quick toggle with a spidertron from this mod.


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