Mods by PreLeyZero

248k Mod

Advance through 4 stages of tech. Start with simple machines and work your way through nuclear fission and fusion up to black and white holes, in order to tame the 248k Element. This mod is designed to be playable in already existing worlds since it changes nothing on world generation or vanilla itself. Does include a booktorio and Informatron ingame wiki!

8 days ago
1.0 - 1.1

Turbines ++

Tired of big nuclear turbine setups? This mod adds new turbines and usage for super/extreme heated steam. With the full setup you will get up to 112.5 MW of power out of 100 MW heat.

8 months ago

UMR: Ultimate Modular Reactor

This mod adds a universal reactor, consisting of different modules. It can turn vanilla and modded fuels into power, furnace or crafting machine fuel. Will supply all the power you ever need!

7 months ago

Blender example mod

This mod contains placeholders for ingame graphics and the according blender file with preset camera and lights.

4 months ago