Beacon Rebalance

Beacon rebalance mod that emulates the balance of Space Exploration's beacons, including the overload mechanic. (Now with Krastorio 2 and Bob's/SeaBlock compatibility!)

10 months ago
2 years ago
Latest Version:
1.0.15 (10 months ago)
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The Mod

Do you wish that the most optimal beacon layout wasn't a bunch of boxes? Do you wish that you had to put a little more thought into how your beacons were spaced? Well I have good news for you. No longer will beacons be buddy buddy with each other, in fact, they'll be at odds with one another at every step of the way.

Overload Effect

Machines will no longer be able to be under the effect of more than one beacon, but beacons are made more powerful to compensate. If a machine is under the effect of more than one beacon, it will shut down, and a small red icon will appear, letting you know the machine is overloaded.

Beacon Boost (And More Beacons!)

  • The vanilla beacon is given a boost to it's module inventory, and it can now share the effect of eight modules with machines around it, and only uses 350KW.
  • The beacon mk2 has a range (32x32 tiles) and module inventory (15 modules) boost, but has a slightly larger footprint (4x4 tiles) and uses 30% more power per module per tile than the vanilla beacon (12MW).
  • The beacon mk3 has the same range and footprint as the mk2, but has 33% more module slots (20 modules) for 66% more power per module per tile (20MW).

Config Settings

You can disable the higher tier beacons in the mod settings menu.


  • Thumbnail and some spritework by Sir-Lags-A-Lot.
  • The tier two and tier three beacons are based off of the wide area beacons from Space Exploration by Earendel.
  • The code is partly based off of notnotmelon's work on his Beacon Overhaul mod.

Fun Facts

  • This mod has no impact on your UPS (unless you place/remove 10000 beacons in the same tick).
  • Other mods with beacon overload mechanics will be weird or just not work, so don't run this mod with other mods like that.
  • Mods that mess with the vanilla beacon will likely break things. Mods that add beacons might be fine.


  • K2 Singularity Beacons will have 15 module slots, just like in K2-SE. Tech tree and recipes are adjusted to fit better in K2.
  • FE+ Modules also supported.
  • Bob's Modules also supported.