Mods by Raiguard


Allows the measurement of distances using a tilegrid. Can be used as a tape measure, or to create clean temporary surfaces to do work on. Subgrids can be created every X tiles, or split the overall selection into equal parts.
28 days ago

Infinity Mode

NOTE: THIS MOD WILL BE DEPRECATED AND REPLACED WITH A NEW "EDITOR EXTENSIONS" MOD WHEN FACTORIO 0.18 RELEASES. Inspired by the antiquated Creative Mode mod, Infinity Mode grants access to various items and cheats to make testing easier. Generate or destroy infinite items and fluids, use energy-free and hyperquick versions of many vanilla entities, modify personal, force, surface, and game settings, and more! Users of the Creative Mode mod will note vastly improved performance, streamlined tools, and additional features in comparison.
30 days ago

Cursor Upgrade Carousel

Shift+scroll to quickly access an item's upgrades or downgrades. If you do not have the item, the ghost cursor will be used instead (100% not cheaty!). Should be compatible with all mods out of the box, assuming they correctly defined their entities' upgrades. Users can also define their own custom upgrade paths in the mod settings.
5 days ago

Better Science Icons deprecated

Replaces science icons with new hi-res and mipmapped versions based on FFF-275.
4 months ago

Infinity Wagons deprecated

Adds infinity cargo wagon and infinity fluid wagon to the game. These wagons behave identically to their infinity chest / infinity pipe counterparts.
5 months ago