Rate Calculator

Calculate maximum production and consumption rates for the selected machines.

4 months ago
0.18 - 1.1
3 years ago
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3.2.3 (4 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.18 - 1.1
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Rate Calculator

Calculate maximum production and consumption rates for the selected machines.


Download on the Mod Portal.


Select some machines with the selection tool (found on the shortcut bar, or use the hotkey Alt + X) to calculate the maximum production and consumption rates for those machines. The rates will be displayed in the GUI:

The GUI shows rates in several categories:

  • Ingredients: Materials that the machines import.
  • Products: Materials that the machines export.
  • Intermediates: Materials that some machines produce and others consume.

The displayed rate is the "net rate" of that intermediate material.

With a given set, your goal is to make all of the intermediate net rates positive (green) or neutral (white). The numbers in parenthesis next to the machine counts denote "net producers" i.e. how many fewer or more similarly-configured machines you need to build to produce the material at the required rate.

The above screenshot shows that this yellow science set needs at least 1.07 more assemblers producing engine units to achieve the required input rates. It also shows that there is an extra assembler making low density structures that can safely be removed from the set.

Use the dropdown to change the timescale for the measurements. Select a container or cargo wagon with the entity selector to scale the measurements to that container or wagon's capacity (accounting for stack sizes). Select a transport belt or inserter to measure against that belt or inserter's maximum item transfer rate.

Use the manual multiplier input and/or buttons to scale the entire subfactory's rates and machine counts by that multiplier.

You can access the previous ten sets by using the navigation buttons in the titlebar.

Tips and tricks

  • Selecting normally will produce a new selection. Alternatively, you can also hold shift to append the existing selection, or use shift + right click
    to remove machines from the selection.
  • Press the shortcut / use the hotkey again when already holding the tool to show the GUI.
  • Power input rates are not shown by default, but can be enabled in the mod settings.
  • Hovering over an entry will give more detailed information about that rate: