Bottleneck Lite

A tool for locating bottlenecks in your factory, with zero runtime overhead and instant response to changes in status.

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1.2.8 (a month ago)
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Bottleneck Lite

Bottleneck Lite is a mod for Factorio that helps you find bottlenecks in your factory. It is inspired by the Bottleneck mod, but takes advantage of newer API features to eliminate all runtime overhead and improve responsiveness.

Download on the Mod Portal.


Bottleneck Lite adds "indicators" to every crafting machine and mining drill,
allowing you to quickly determine its status.

The indicators will be colored according to these statuses:

  • Disabled (red)
  • Full output (yellow)
  • Idle (red)
  • Insufficient input (red)
  • Low power (yellow)
  • No minable resources (red)
  • No power (red)
  • Working (green)

The colors are freely customizable in the mod settings menu. Other settings include indicator size, whether or not they will glow in the dark, and whether or not they will be drawn on mining drills.

NOTE: Because of the way the mod works, all settings are under the Startup tab in the mod settings menu, and any changes require restarting Factorio to take effect.


Compared to Bottleneck

Bottleneck Lite, in comparison to Bottleneck, has no runtime scripting. The indicators are added to the actual sprites of each entity, and are tinted based on the working visualisations property. This means that Bottleneck Lite can scale infinitely, and will instantly respond to changes in entity status regardless of how many entities there are.


  • Zero runtime overhead
  • Instant responsiveness regardless of scale
  • Indicators can glow in the dark
  • Significantly fewer settings (some might consider this a con)


  • Changing settings requires restarting Factorio
  • No hotkey to toggle the indicators - enabling/disabling them is a setting, and so requires a restart
  • Only one style of indicator (no alert, cross, stop, minus, or 3D variants)
  • No indicators on labs


For mod authors - if you don't want an indicator to show on your entity for some reason, add bottleneck_ignore = true to its prototype and BNL will ignore it.