by Kaserik

Over 200 fully compatible and balanced mods in one regularly updated modpack! Space Exploration, Cargo Ships, Rampant, Cats and so much more - just click yourself through the dependencies; For a better overview divided into gameplay, combat, transport and quality of life improvements. Tested in multiplayer as well!

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3 months ago
Transportation Logistics Trains Combat Armor Enemies Environment Mining Fluids Logistic network Circuit network Manufacturing Power Storage Cheats


How to get this modpack to work?

In general: install and start the game ;)

Download the modpack via the ingame mod portal, so that the dependencies are installed automatically. If the screen freezes, wait for about 2 minutes, that's totally normal.

The right map settings

The right map settings?

Yes exactly, as heavy as the modpack is, you should when creating the world;
1. select the Space Exploration Standard
2. go to "Enemies"
3. and set the time factor and environmental pollution factor to 1, and the destruction factor to 20.
Even recommended for veterans. But hey, go crazy if you like. But then you should build a really strong wall, be sure to use renewable energy, invest in military first and allocate your resources better than good. ;)


Problem: Mods are incompatible

The modpack is fully compatible, but maybe not with additional mods. If you have only the modpack mods activated, but something is not running, be sure to tell me in the browser mod portal!

Problem: too heavy for my PC/laptop

In Factorio's settings you can select all the low graphics settings. If you do, be sure to disable the FactorioHD mods including Alien Biomes High-Res Terrain. In the future there will be a HMM laptop variant.

Known Issues

Some mods in this modpack are not multiplayer safe in combination with Automatic Train Painter and Death Markers.