by Kaserik

Over 200 fully compatible and balanced mods in one regularly updated modpack! Space Exploration, Cargo Ships, Rampant, Cats and so much more - just click yourself through the dependencies; For a better overview divided into gameplay, combat, transport and quality of life improvements. Tested in multiplayer as well!

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3 months ago
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Version: 1.1.0
Date: 2023.03.05
  Major Features:
    - Now HMM-Appearance is part of HMM-QOL.
    - Since Death Markers in combination with "Rampant, fixed" and some other mods is not multiplayer safe and isn't that necessary, Death Markers is now not compatible anymore with this modpack.
    - Since the Automatic Train Painter (ATN) in combination with the Logistic Train Network (LTN) is not multiplayer safe, the mod is now only optional. So if you want to play the modpack in multiplayer, you should disable the ATN (or the LTN, but that would be the bigger evil).
    - Marked Clean Console optional as a tmp fix while it's triggering multiplayer issues which I can't replicate at first go. I will look deeper into it asap.
    - Added the mods "The Ruins Mod - Krastorio2", "Fluid Must Flow for Space Exploration", "Space Exploration cargo rocket label", "Biter Expansion Notifications", "Tarantulator", "Holographic Signs", "Wind Speed Changing", "Wind Turbines (Redux)", "Implant Camera", "Workbench - Crafting made easier", "Production potential statistics GUI", "Capacity Combinator", "Power Combinator", "NiceFill", "Train Upgrader", "Automatic Station Painter", "Rail Signal Planner" and "Train Signal Visualizer".
    - Lowered "Honk"'s mod settings about range and volume of the honk.
    - "Shortcuts for 1.1"'s setting to prepare uninstall will be hidden now if hmm-s-hide is activated.
    - Added "Rampant, fixed"'s, "Explosive Biters"'s, "Small assembling"'s, "Auto Deconstruct"'s and "Water consumes pollution"'s new mod settings.
  Minor Features:
    - Updated to the new version of HMM (1.1.0), bz's mods, "Rocket-Silo Construction", "Rampant, fixed", "Explosive Biters", "Spidertron Patrols", "Spidertron Enhancements", "Quality of Life research", "RPG System", "Small assembling", "Shortcuts for 1.1", "Factory Search", "Auto Deconstruct", "Water consumes pollution" "Cargo Ships" and "VehicleSnap".
    - HMM Improvements will be better seen as Quality of Life Improvements which they actually are.
    - Gameplay in German will stay Gameplay... sounds better and actually more accurate than "Spielablauf".
    - Changed the name and appearance of the setting in English and German and added missing translations.
    - Corrected some Changelogs.
    - If new settings are added or its internal name is changed, the mod will still work as good as it can, although the new settings require an update. But it won't throw an error anymore.
    - If a mod setting doesn't exist anymore, it will be internally logged.
    - Removed "Spider Patrols"' removed setting "sp-enable-patrol-remote".
    - You start with partially researched technology when you start with basic Tiberium equipment, saving you over an hour. So you don't do that anymore to play this modpack about 1/1000 longer. ;)
Version: 1.0.0
Date: 2023.02.12
    - Initial release.
    - English and German Locales are available.
    - Using GNU GPLv3 Copyright License.