MatrixDJ96: QOL's Modpack

QOL's modpack. This mod does nothing on its own. It's a collection of useful mods and tool to improve gameplay experience. Read full description to understand which mods you need to activate.

3 months ago
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
1 year, 1 month ago
Latest Version:
0.0.7 (3 months ago)
Factorio version:
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This is a package that include some of the most used and useful mods for Factorio 1.1.

All mandary mods used in this package are non-game-changing and they only help players to enjoy the game better.
- Auto Deconstruct
- Auto Trash
- Bottleneck Lite
- Copy Paste Modules
- Cursor Enhancements
- GUI Unifyer
- Module Inserter
- Mouse-over Construction
- Picker Dollies
- Quick Item Search
- Quick Map Tag
- Rate Calculator
- VehicleSnap
- Where Is My Body
- Car/Tank/Spidertron Locator
- Even Distribution
- Inventory Repair
- Power Grid Comb
- Train Log

There are mods that are set as optional because there are only tools:
- Blueprint Tools
- Editor Extensions
- Set Game Speed
- GUI Manager
- Regenerate Terrain
- Someone's LUA-Console

There are mods that are set as optional to let you decide what do you prefer:
- FNEI or FJEI or Recipe Book
- Factory Planner or Helmod
- EvoGUI or Stats GUI
- Rocket Silo Stats or Picklock's rocket silo stats
- Placeables
- UI Hotkeys
- Calculator UI
- Manual Inventory Sorting
- Trains Switch to Manual at Temporary Stops
- P.U.M.P.
- Task List or Todo List

There are mods that are set as optional because they are not really needed for a better gameplay but they could improve some graphical aspects:
- Automatic Train Painter
- Bullet Trails
- Color Coded Planners
- Disco Science
- Fluid Wagon Color Mask
- Pipe Visualizer
- Automatic Station Painter Continued
- Text Plates
- Artisanal Reskins: Compatibility

Finally there are optional mods that are game-changing:
- Alien Biomes/High-Res Terrain
- Clockwork
- Companion Drones
- Rampant
- Crafting Combinator
- Reverse Factory
- Robot Attrition
- Wire Shortcuts
- WoodDoesBurn