Quick Map Tag

Add map tags with right-click again.

7 months ago
1 year, 5 months ago
Latest Version:
0.3.1 (7 months ago)
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Quick Map Tag

With Factorio 1.1, a new fancy way of tagging the map has been introduced. However it is no longer possible to set up map tags as quickly as before.

This mod restores the old way of adding map tags, by right-clicking on the map.

Current Features

  • Right-click to add tags like in the old vanilla versions
  • Configurable hotkey, if you want to use something different than mouse-button-2
  • Configurable default text and icon (the icon can be picked from unknown, dot, info, and color signals)
  • Auto-snapping at a configurable number of tiles
  • Prevents you from adding new tags too close to existing ones, using the snap scale as the minimum distance
  • Option to add tags directly with no dialog GUI

Known Issues

  • The mod completely ignores the filter for map tags under the minimap. When it is off and a player tries to add a tag, it should either be enabled like the vanilla behaviour, or prevent the tag from being added. Neither of these things happen, so the user might be adding markers without realising.

Extra notes

  • Should work in multiplayer
  • Should not conflict with SchallMapTag, a nice addition if you want to automatically prepend/append coordinates to your map tag text
  • Should work with multiple surfaces, tested with Space Exploration
  • You can still add empty-like tags by using a space character as the text; just please don't do it in multiplayer, it does not help your fellow engineers
  • For any issue or suggestion, please let me know via the mod discussion area