Found 87 mods

Item Upgrades

by TKM
Adds upgrade recipes for many items (e.g. Wood chest -> Iron chest). Works with bobs and angels. Can be added to existing save.
14 hours ago
0.14 - 0.17

Resource Spawner Overhaul

by orzelek
Overhauls resource spawning system.
18 hours ago
0.14 - 0.17

Bob's Tech

Research expansion
21 days ago
0.13 - 0.17

Bob's Functions Library mod

Adds a series of useful functions used by Bob's Mods. These can easilly be used by other mods too.
24 days ago
0.13 - 0.17

Scanning rocket with radars

Scans surface after launching a rocket with radars
26 days ago
0.14 - 0.17

Bob's Greenhouse mod

It's a greenhouse, it makes wood.
27 days ago
0.13 - 0.17

AAI Programmable Vehicles

Makes vehicles act like RTS units. Control them using a remote control handset, or program them with circuit conditions and zones. Can be used for base enemy base assault, patrols, friendly base navigation, vehicle-based mining, and more advanced applications. Works with vanilla and modded vehicles. Visit the mod portal page for a full feature list or the forums for tutorials.
28 days ago
0.14 - 0.17

Bob's Vehicle Equipment

A range of equipment for use in vehicles of Bob's Mods.
a month ago
0.14 - 0.17

Space Extension Mod (SpaceX)

Greatly extend the end game requiring multiple launches and massively increased science. Requires 40+ launches, and of a variety of new components. The goal is to build a vessel capable of getting you off the planet and home safely. Updated graphics courtesy of Steinerrr. Russian translation courtesy of Zerggurat.
a month ago
0.13.7 - 0.17


Allows transfer of items and signals between servers. *Server owners, see for installation instructions*
a month ago
0.14 - 0.17


This mod allows players to create and remotely control Avatars. Avatars act like players, with a few minor exceptions. The mod also includes a few custom entities to control and create the Avatars.
a month ago
0.13 - 0.17


by Darkcry
Teams can build their own Factory with separate research. By default the rocket silo can not be build by players but there is one randomly spawned in the world
2 months ago
0.14 - 0.17

Bob's Modules

Expansion to the Modules system.
2 months ago
0.13 - 0.17

Bob's Electronics

Adds a whole new electronics production chain.
2 months ago
0.13 - 0.17


This mod is a catch all to add a variety of useful things to Factorio. Currently including properly made QoL researches that are entirely configurable (or disableable) as well as a Burner Assembler (also disableable).
2 months ago
0.13 - 0.17

New science for 0.14

0.16 like science and stuff
2 months ago

Sea Block

No ore patches, expand from a small island. Also install the 'Sea Block Pack' mod and all dependencies for a more complete modpack.
2 months ago
0.14 - 0.17

Robot Army

Manufacture and deploy automated robot soldiers to attack your foes and defend your factory!
2 months ago
0.13 - 0.17

Fake tiles

This mod for mod developers and scenarios. Adds fake tiles. Players can't build anything on the tiles but can walk on the tiles.
2 months ago
0.13 - 1.0

Air filtering

by Schorty
Adding machines to reduce pollution
3 months ago
0.13 - 0.17