Pyanodons Alien Life

Adds farming, ranching, and pharmaceutics into Factorio. It's extremely unethical but also extremely profitable. WARNING! This mod will greatly enhance and extend the rest of the pY mods. Expect a 1000+ hour long game!

20 days ago
1.0 - 1.1
Transportation Logistics Mining Fluids Logistic network Manufacturing Power
4 years ago
Latest Version:
2.1.21 (20 days ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
41.8K users

Pyanodons Alien Life

Pyanodons Alien Life is a mod for Factorio adding factory farming for massive hordes of alien species. Develop massive fields of plants to feed the factory and use genetic engineering to enhance every species. Do you have what it takes to finish this marathon modpack?


  • 1000s of uniquely spirited items & fluids. Dozens of fully animated entities & structures for both high resolution and low resolution.
  • Custom biological logistics systems designed to complement trains, bots, and belts.
  • Choose your own adventure with the Technological Upgrade and Research Device.
  • In-game wiki with detailed descriptions of scripted mechanics.
  • Renewable production methods for every minable resource.
  • Community-made translations for over a dozen languages.
  • Extends and compliments the rest of the pY mods.
  • 100% multiplayer compatibility.
  • Free and open source software.
  • More than 5000 new recipes.
  • Unlimited fun?

Pyanodons Alien Life is not currently compatible with any other major overhaul mod. Use at your own risk.


Unlock and process dozens of plant species for their unique products. Use the plants to feed large alien animal species.
Use expensive gene editing to obtain the first seedlings, then grow that single crop into a thriving ecosystem.
Later on, use smart farming to automate every step of the process.


Harvest animal species from every corner of the world. Put all those crops to good use by feeding millions of livestock.
Build massive slaughterhouses to process those adult animals into their more useful body parts.


Invest into expensive drugs for every possible pharmaceutical use-case.
Manipulate existing creatures into new forms never intended by nature.
Progress through 4 tiers of alien samples; a biological analogue to circuit boards.

Biological logistics systems

It turns out that some of these creatures are more useful alive than dead.
Pyanodons Alien Life adds several new logistics options designed to complement trains, belts, and bots.

  • Caravans. Huge lumbering creatures that can slowly move items across any distance. They love eating brains.
  • Aerial caravans. It's like a normal caravan, but it flies!
  • Oculas. Creepy floating eyeball creatures who can support personal logistics requests from anywhere on the map.
  • Gobachov. A biological alternative to the logistic robot that specializes in high-throughput fluid transportation. All machines on the biofluid network must be directly connected with special pipes.
  • Vonixes. Giant arthropod worm creatures that can move items through underground channels.

Technological upgrade and research device

Every machine in pyAL has an associated upgrade path. Choose one path from a selection of three upgrades in order to permanently alter the mechanics of that machine. Grants new recipes, recipe upgrades, module bonuses, and more.

Recommended 3rd party mods

Community resources


  • Pyanodon - 3D Graphics, Sound design, Mod founder
  • Kingarthur - Realistic recipes, Data-stage programming, Scripted mechanics
  • Notnotmelon - pY codex, Scripted mechanics, T.U.R.D.
  • Mootykins - Maintenance, Worldgen preset
  • ShadowGlass - Tech tree, Recipe balancing, Tooling
  • Quintuple - Menu simulations
  • Archezekiel - 3D Graphics