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A 'Vanilla Plus' modpack featuring much greater long-distance logistics variety. Pack intermediate products into crates before transporting them using combinations of trains, ships, and even spidertrons! Also includes Sand & Glass, BZ Lead & Titanium, Greenhouses, and more...

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X-Mod is a modpack centered around X-Logistics which adds much greater variety to long-distance logistics and generally provides a few extra challenges to vanilla gameplay. It is not a large step up in complexity from the base game so it makes for a great 'Vanilla Plus' experience.

The logistics rebalancing is provided by X-Logistics. The remaining functionality is provided by the other dependency mods but X-Mod applies its own changes to improve integration between them (currently most integration changes are done by X-Logistics).

Included Mods


Other mods

If you want more of a challenge then I'd recommend installing some more BZ Ore mods.

I've deliberately not included any quality-of-life/helper mods. Feel free to install any that you like. Personally I'd recommend Factory Planner, Factory Search, Recipe Book, Cursor Enhancements, and Even Distribution. You can find my complete list included in my X-QoL modpack.

I don't expect X-Mod to work with any overhaul mods (such as Bob's+Angel's, Krastorio2 and Space Exploration).

Other small-to-medium mods will probably work, although may break the intended balance.


I'd love to hear any feedback you have, such as suggestions of additions, changes, or removals that you think would improve the modpack.

Full list of changes

Most changes are now implemented by X-Logistics.

Recipe changes

  • Added glass to deadlock large lamp and floor lamp recipes