Deadlock's Larger Lamps

2x2 lamps which cast a wide, soft glow. An electric lamp, fully signal compatible, and a burner lamp which uses solid fuel (4 MJ per game day). They line up with rails and large power poles.
5 days ago
Owner: Deadlock989
Source: N/A
License: GNU GPLv3
Created: 5 months ago
Latest Version: 1.2.7 (5 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 10898 times

Do you get a bit twitchy when things don't line up? Terrified of things crawling in the dark, but despise having to spam tiny, tiny lights everywhere? Get frustrated when you're mapping out a giant giga-base with even-tiled rotated blueprints and all the lamps won't overlap correctly? Then try Deadlock's Larger Lamp today!

While not actually substantially larger, the Larger Lamp is 2x2 tiles in size and lines up nicely with things like large power poles and substations. Fully signal compatible. It casts a much wider but slightly less bright glow than regular lamps.

Bonus: a 2x2 copper burner lamp. Burns chemical sold fuels. Useful if you're playing a mod which delays electricity.