zapper's Space Exploration Mogpack

by _zapper

A modpack that's QoL-rich and centered around Space Exploration. It's made to play with my friends but feel free to use.

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3 months ago
Transportation Logistics Trains Combat Armor Enemies Environment Mining Fluids Logistic network Circuit network Manufacturing Power Storage
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Dependency 14.7M
base -
aai-containers 474K
aai-industry 485K
aai-loaders 68.6K
aai-signal-transmission 476K
aai-vehicles-chaingunner 131K
aai-vehicles-flame-tank 121K
aai-vehicles-flame-tumbler 118K
aai-vehicles-hauler 128K
aai-vehicles-ironclad 183K
aai-vehicles-miner 160K
aai-vehicles-warden 123K
Additional-Turret-updated 26.0K
Advanced-Inserters 1.10K
alien-biomes 564K
alien-biomes-hr-terrain 190K
Anti-Cheese-Waterfill 239
Armor_pockets 5.77K
Auto-Blacklist 544
AutoDeconstruct 251K
auto-deploy-combat-robots 1.22K
belttracer 7.02K
better-victory-screen 16.6K
biterexpansionnotifier 6.08K
BlueprintLab_Blu3wolf 16.2K
blueprint-request 2.21K
BottleneckLite 118K
bullet-trails 370K
chat-emoji 266
CleanedConcreteCompatibility 9.06K
ConfigurableFoggedResearch 124
combat-mechanics-overhaul 276K
copy-machine-orientation 2.79K
Coverup-Fixed 226
Custom-Production-UI-Fixed 2.00K
cybersyn 16.5K
deep-storage-unit-SE-FORK 305
Electric_Transformators 2.87K
emoji-signals 3.12K
equipment-gantry 241K
even-distribution 348K
extended-descriptions 66.8K
FactorySearch 62.3K
faster-space-trains 381
fCPU-SEFix-FixMem 745
fireproof-land-mines 1.22K
fireproof-trains 2.46K
fireproof-worker-bots 1.43K
flib 746K
Floaty_Chat 213
Flow Control 173K
fluid-memory-storage-SE-FORK 438
fluid_permutations_fixed 2.00K
GhostOnWater 13.4K
grappling-gun 269K
GUI_Unifyer 45.7K
Gun_Turret_Alerts 33.2K
HandyHandsCommunity 1.86K
heavy-waves 974
helmod 381K
holographic_signs 20.5K
ick-automatic-train-repair 12.9K
informatron 538K
Inserter_Config 15.6K
Inventory-Trim 259
jetpack 533K
larger_shortcut_icons 137
light-overhaul 16.9K
LightedPolesPlus 81.4K
manual-inventory-sort 26.7K
Milestones 226K
MiniMapToggle 235
More_Ammo 18.9K
More_Ammo_Balanced 303
m_WhereIsMyBody 6.27K
Nearby-Ammo-Count 2.70K
Nightfall 57.7K
noangledcables 3.08K
no--inventory-is-full--corpse-pickup-troubles 284
pushbutton 27.4K
QueueToFrontNG 36.0K
RecipeBook 190K
robot_attrition 461K
se-flow-control-bridge 13.2K
shelter-k2 1.28K
shield-projector 478K
show-max-underground-distance 63.3K
simhelper 422K
Space-Efficient-Rail-Signals 649
space-exploration 453K
space-exploration-graphics 450K
space-exploration-graphics-2 443K
space-exploration-graphics-3 439K
space-exploration-graphics-4 439K
space-exploration-graphics-5 438K
space-exploration-menu-simulations 399K
space-exploration-postprocess 448K
spidertron-dock 15.1K
stack-combinator 15.7K
stdlib 379K
StorageTank2 31.8K
Switch_Button-1_0 8.56K
TaskList 49.1K
Tapeline 37.4K
textplates 247K
TrainSkipFulfilledStation 4.72K
tree_collision 76.0K
True-Nukes 40.1K
True-Nukes-Graphics 10.7K
UPSFriendlyNixieTubeDisplay 9.94K
VehicleSnap 217K
Warheads 35.0K
Water-Friendly-Walls 1.46K
whats-missing 4.84K
Wood-Walls 2.41K
Last dependency data update: 8 hours ago (for v1.4.0)