zapper's Space Exploration Mogpack

by _zapper

A modpack that's QoL-rich and centered around Space Exploration. It's made to play with my friends but feel free to use.

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1.4.0 (a month ago)
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A modpack centered around space exploration with a few QoL mods, made to play with my friends but feel free to use.

Mods (Excluding Libraries):

  • = Mod
    ^ = Dependancy for above mod


  • Space Exploration

    Huge overhaul mod which extends your journey to traverse through space and reach other planets, you also get to build your own space station in orbit.

^ AAI Industry

Overhauls the early game by requiring slightly more effort to unlock electricity and introduces new burner machines. Also slightly modifies early recipes.

^ AAI Containers & Warehouses

Adds bigger storage options for steel and logistics chests

^ AAI Signal Transmission

Allows you to send circuit signals anywhere via a wireless connection, even across planets.

^ Alien Biomes

More biomes to explore.

^ Jetpack

An armour equipment that allows you to fly in the air at high speeds.

^ Robot Attrition

Will cause Logistics bots to crash into each other if there's too many of them in one area.

^ Shield Projector

Shield projectors generate a force-field, acting like a wall that only needs energy to sustain itself.

  • AAI Loaders

    Loaders allow belts to directly insert items into containers.

  • AAI Vehicles: Chaingunner, Flame tank, Flame tumbler, Hauler, Ironclad, Miner, & Warden

    Adds more vehicles to roam around in.

  • Additional Turrets

    More options to defend your base with.

  • Anti-Cheese Waterfill

    A waterfill mod with no exploits! (I made this :o)

  • Armour Pockets

    Armour equipment that adds inventory space.

  • Electric Transformers

    Adds electric transformers which can limit how much power certain parts of your factory can consume.

  • Equipment Gantry

    Equipment Gantries can insert equipment into any vehicles that support it.

  • Faster SE Space Trains

    Adds electric maglev space trains which are faster than normal trains. Integrated into Space Exploration progression so you will have to work for these.

  • fCPU :: SE Fix :: Memory fix + Improvements

    Allows you to program circuits in low-level code.

  • Flow Control & SE Flow Control Bridge

    Adds pipes with restricted connections, build pipes next to each other and introduce pipe valves.

  • Grappling Gun

    Grappling guns can be used to pull yourself over buildings and gaps.

  • Holographic Signs

    Digital signs that don't take up much space.

  • Lighted Electric Poles +

    Adds electric poles with build-in lights.

  • Memory & Fluid Memory Storage SE FORK

    Adds an item and fluid storage unit which can contain an infinite amount of one item/fluid, at the cost of energy (consumes more energy the more you fill it up).

  • More Ammo & More Ammo Balanced

    Adds more magazines to shoot with.

  • Project Cybersyn

    Allows you to create a better train network by linking them to your logistics network with custom logic.

  • Pushbutton

    Adds a button which sends a constant signal for one tick only.

  • Shelter-K2

    Adds the shelter from Krastorio 2, which changes your planet's spawn-point to wherever you place this.

  • Spidertron Dock

    Adds a dock for your spidertron on space ships.

  • Storage Tank Mk2

    Adds a 100k fluid tank with more pipe connections

  • Stack Combinator

    Adds a combinator that can work with two input values at the same time.

  • Switch Button by GalactusX31 updated for 1.0

    Adds an on/off switch to send constant signals whenever you like.

  • Text Plates

    Allows you to make giant signs made from many different materials.

  • True Nukes
    ^ Warheads

    Planets full of biters? No problem (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK).

  • UPS Friendly Nixie Tube Display

    A convenient way of displaying integer values with number displays

  • Wood Walls

    Adds a starting wall tier, wood. It has very little hp and isn't worth automating but it is something to put your wood into as it's a good way to claim land early game.


  • Advanced Inserters

    All inserters have filters, pre-existing filter inserters are now long inserters.

  • Auto Blacklist

    Filter inserters are now set to blacklist by default instead of whitelist (especially with the advanced inserters mod)

  • Auto Deconstruct

    Automatically marks miners for deconstruction if they run out of minerals to extract, leaving construction bots will remove them.

  • Auto Deploy Combat Robots

    Automatically places combat robots when you're fighting enemies. No one uses them anyway so why not let the game use them for you!

  • Automatic Train Repair

    Trains that are destroyed will now leave ghosts for construction robots to rebuild.

  • Blueprint Request

    Whenever you're holding a blueprint, a new button at the top-left will allow you to automatically make a personal logistical request for the items you need to build the blueprint.

  • Bullet Trails

    Adds visual to magazine-based bullets being shot so they're not invisible.

  • Cleaned Concrete (Mod Compatible)

    Removes ground decoration when placing floor tiles.

  • Combat Mechanics Overhaul

    Changes how alien attacks work (mainly spitter projectiles).

  • Copy Machine Orientation

    Blueprints will remember which way the assembler is facing if it has a fluid input (also fixes the issue for a lot more machines).

  • Coverup Fixed

    Resources patches can be hidden if you place tiles on top of them. Removing the tiles will reveal the resources again.

  • Custom Production UI Fixed

    Increases the width of inventories and the recipe section. Also adds a better scrollbar to modded warehouses.

  • Electric Grid Enforcer

    Electric poles prioritise 90 degree wire connections over other angles.

  • Even Distribution

    Makes it easier to share items with multiple machines

  • Fireproof Land Mines

  • Fireproof Trains
  • Fireproof Worker Bots

    Making friendly-fire a lot more friendly

  • Floaty Chat

    Players will display their chat messages above their head, making conversations a little more engaging.

  • Fluid Permutations Fixed

    Allows you to switch fluid inputs on machines.

  • Ghost On Water

    Allows you to place ghosts on water with landfill underneath (has to be toggled with a shortcut or CTRL+W)

  • GUI Unifyer

    Moves all the modded buttons in the top left into a neat array.

  • Handy Hands Community

    If your crafting queue is empty, you will automatically start auto-crafting anything you're running low of in your quick-bar (prioritises whatever you've selected).

  • Inserter Configuration

    Allows you to set which directions inserters can pick up and put down items.

  • Inventory Trim

    If your inventory is full, the excess items will go into your logistical trash slots instead.

  • Larger Shortcut Icons

    The icons for each shortcut is now larger.

  • Light Overhaul

    Changes night time lighting, night vision visibility, and ghost building colouring.

  • Manual Inventory Sort

    Lets you sort your inventory with key-binds.

  • Minimap Toggle

    Lets you toggle your minimap with Ctrl-M.

  • No "inventory is full" corpse pickup troubles

    Fixes the bug that forces you to pick up your corpse twice because your power armour is the only reason you could carry so many items.

  • Queue to Front

    Allows you to force a manual crafting operation to the front of the queue

  • Space Efficient Rail Signals

    Allows you to place rail signals in much tighter gaps between rails.

  • Task List

    Allows you to create a list of things to do for you and your friends to follow.

  • The Blueprint Designer Lab

    Allows you to instantly enter a blank canvas with map editor functionality so you can design your own blueprints without having to exit the world.

  • Train Skip Fulfilled Station

    Trains will no longer stop at stations when the conditions to leave said station are fulfilled before it even arrives.

  • Trashcan

    Allows you to instantly delete items you do not need, especially those pistols.

  • Tree Collision

    Decreases size of the tree collision boxes, making forests easier to walk through.

  • VehicleSnap

    Adds a button in your shortcuts which toggles vehicle snapping, which limits the number of angles your vehicle can travel in, making it easier to drive.

  • Water-Friendly Walls

    Allows you to place walls on shallow water instead of needing landfill to block off areas along the shores. Also gets rid of unnecessary wall connections when it's next to water or the vacuum of space.


  • Ammo Alerts

    Alerts you if any of your turrets or vehicles runs out, or is low on ammo

  • Belt Tracer

    Press H on a belt or pipe and the mod will draw a line showing you you where it leads to.

  • Better Victory Screen

    Configurable to show the info that should really interest you instead of kills, like number of machines built.

  • Biter Expansion Notifications

    New notifications for when biters create a new nest near your base.

  • Bottleneck Lite

    Shows a tiny dot on your machines that tell you the state of the machine without having to hover over each one using your mouse.

  • Factory Search

    Find anything you've lost with this!

  • InformaTron

    Many mods will use this to provide relevant information about them.

  • Extended Descriptions

    Includes a lot more details about an item you're looking at.

  • Helmod: Assistant for planning your factory

    Helps you calculate what and how many ingredients you need to produce something, including the machines you need and power consumption.

  • Milestones

    Keep track of when you've gotten an item, killed an enemy, or researched something for the first time in your world.

  • Nearby Ammo Count

    Shows you how much ammo nearby turrets have.

  • Recipe Book

    Tells you how to make any item you're looking at, and what you can make with it (It's basically FNEI but with a better UI).

  • Show Max Underground Distance

    A square will highlight an underground belt/pipe's maximum length before you even need to place anything.

  • Tape Line

    Adds a measurement tool in your shortcuts which counts the dimensions of the area you've selected.

  • What's Missing?

    Indicates what logistical requests are not yet fulfilled.

  • Where Is My Body

    Draws a line between you and your corpses, so you never lose them again.


  • Chat Emoji

    Adds emoji for chat messages

  • Configurable Fogged Research

    There's HEAPS of tech to research, this is to make it less overwhelming by hiding all the ones you don't have to worry about yet.

  • Emoji Signals

    Adds more signal types as emoji

  • Heavy Waves

    Biters attack less frequently as they take time to group up into bigger waves.

  • Nightfall

    Biters attack more aggressively at night, configurable to only attack at night.