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Several very useful mods for increase game experience

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1.0.20 (a month ago)
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List of mods:

# Mod Description
1 Additional Paste Settings Adds additional paste settings for the game (shift+right click -> shift+left click), such as merging/combining requests at logistic chests, setting a fixed request multiplier
2 Alien Biomes High-Res Terrain A collection of additional biomes: Snow, Volcanic, Crater, various colors of Dirt, Sand and Grass. Includes new tree and decorative variants. There are planet controls in the mod options. V3 is a complete rebuild, starting a new map is advised, but there is a terrain regeneration option that will preserve parts of your base. HR Terrain Textures are in a separate mod.
3 Artillery Bombardment Remote (Reloaded) Directs your artillery to bombard a selected area without having to target individual shots
4 Auto Deconstruct This mod marks drills that have no more resources to mine for deconstruction.
5 Auto Manual Mode When in a train, using the movement controls will automatically set the train in manual mode.
6 Automatic Underground Pipe Connectors Automatically place a pipe when two undergrounds are placed at a corner or one space apart.
7 Belt Visualizer Belt Visualizer is a tool to highlight all belts connected to a single belt.
8 Blueprint Flip and Turn Mirrors/Flips a blueprint in hand.
9 Blueprint Sandboxes Temporary Editor-lite permissions in Lab-like environments for designing and experimenting.
10 Bottleneck Lite A tool for locating bottlenecks in your factory, with zero runtime overhead and instant response to changes in status.
11 Bullet Trails Adds bullet trails to machine gun type bullets. Works with gun turrets, guns, vehicle-mounted guns, and anything else that uses that type of ammo.
12 Chest Auto Sort Automatically sorts any opened chests/warehouses.
13 Clean Floor Remove all decorations when placing floor tiles.
14 Even Distribution Modifies CTRL + Click Drag to evenly distribute the items over multiple buildings. Also adds Inventory Cleanup hotkey (SHIFT+C) which evenly distributes unneeded items from inventory into nearby machines.
15 Extended Descriptions Adds critical information onto the tooltip of items, recipes, and entites
16 Factory Search Search your factory for items, fluids, entities, signals, tags and more with Shift + F.
17 Fill4Me - errors fixed A Factorio mod to automatically insert fuel and/or ammunition into entities when you place them. Forked to fix error logs.
18 Flow Control Adds pipes with restricted connections, and several useful valves.
19 Ghost In Hand When a last held item is placed (either by you or by your construction robots) normally your hand would be emptied forcing you to pick that item again. This mod changes this behaviour, so that when you run out of items, a held item is replaced with its ghost.
20 Helmod Assistant for planning your factory. Can calculate required ingredients, products, machines, modules, and beacons. Can also calculate power production / consumption.
21 Lighted Electric Poles + Adds a copy of every electric pole, including modded ones, with integrated lamp.
22 Informatron The helpful information directory and guide to the galaxy. Allows mods to put help and documentation pages in game. Default hotkey is I.
23 Todo List This mod adds a todo list to the single- and multiplayer game to allow players to synchronize their work.
24 Long Storage Tanks Adds very long storage tanks aimed at train stations for rail system fluid transport to the game.
25 LTN - Logistic Train Network Adds logistic-train-stops acting as anchor points for building a fully automated, train logistic network.
26 LTN Manager A GUI for managing your Logistic Train Network.
27 Merging Chests Enables merging of multiple chests into one entity. Supports merging of arbitrary number of chests (configurable in mod settings).
28 Merging Chests Unlimited Toggle mod for WideChests mod. Having this mod enabled together with WideChests removes width/height/area limits
29 Merging Chests Logistic Mod adding logistic variants of merged chests.
30 Milestones Keep track of your progress in a fun way by finding out how fast you created key items.
31 Mining patch planner Adds a planner that designs a mining drill layout for a resource patch.
32 Module Inserter Mass insert modules into machines with construction bots
33 NiceFill Landfill has the same texture as the surrounding tiles, instead of the default grass.
34 Offshore P.U.M.P.S. and Ground Water Five tiers for offshore pumps
35 Picker Dollies Move most placed entities quickly and easily.
36 Picker Extended Version Enhances the players pipette tool with features such as quick blueprints, quick planners, ghost reviving, entity moving, orphan finding and more
37 Pipe Visualizer Press H to draw the selected entity's fluid systems. Press Shift + H to draw all visible fluid systems. Press Alt + H to automatically visualize systems on mouse-over. Press Control + H to toggle between color-by-fluid and color-by-system.
38 Quality of Life research Adds bonuses and optionally research for bigger bags (more inventory space), movement/walking/running speed, character hand crafting speed, long reach (optional far resource reach), and player mining speed.
39 Queue To Front Adds keyboard shortcut (ALT+Q) to toggle the crafting queue mode between adding new items to the front or the back(default) of the queue
40 Rate Calculator Calculate maximum production and consumption rates for the selected machines.
41 Robot Attrition Very occasionally if you have heavy logistic bot congestion a logistic bot will crash. This means logistic bots are best used for higher value items like engines or power poles, using them for low value items like ore and copper wire is OK but less resource efficient
42 Shortcuts for 1.1 Adds a host of useful shortcuts to improve QOL
43 Show Max Underground Distance Shows maximum range indicators to help you place underground belts and pipes.
44 Ultimate Research Queue Queue technologies for research, see research time ETAs, automatically research all prerequisites, auto-research infinite technologies.
45 VehicleSnap Smoothly snaps movement angle when driving cars or tanks.
46 Tree Collision Makes tree collision box very small - easily traverse dense forests
47 RPG System This mod adds a basic RPG system to the game (XP, level-up and skills)
48 Squeak Through Allows you to walk between what used to be obstacles such as directly adjacent solar panels, pipes, steam engines, mining drills, and chests. No more frustration when walking about your base!
49 Stats GUI Displays various statistics, such as biter evolution, playtime, and more. Blends in with the game's FPS/UPS indicator. Similar to EvoGUI.
50 Fluid Must Flow Adds very large pipes with enormous throughput capabilities.
51 LTN Combinator Modernized Add a combinator with friendly GUI to manage LTN Control Signals for each LTN Train Stop
52 YARM - Resource Monitor This mod helps you to keep track of your mining sites, with useful data such as the percent mined, and estimated time to depletion.
53 Train Mode Switcher Swaps highlighted trains between automatic/manual. If no train is highlighted, provides a selection tool to drag across multiple trains to bulk swap modes
54 Inventory Repair Repairs damaged items in your inventory automatically over time with repair packs.
55 Inserter Throughput Displays the throughput of the selected inserter (under ideal conditions).
56 Stats GUI β€” Movement Speed Adds a movement speed to Stats GUI.
57 Stats GUI β€” Handcraft Timer Adds a handcraft timer to Stats GUI.
58 Bob's Adjustable Inserters Adds hotkeys and a GUI to adjust inserter pickup and drop locations.
59 Ghost Counter Generate a list of all ghosts in your selection area or the blueprint in your cursor using the shortcut button or hotkey (default: Alt+G). Find out what you have in your inventory, and conveniently make one-time logistic requests for everything you need.
60 Nanobots: Early Bots Early ghost building robots, A special nanobot gun automaticly revives blueprint ghosts near you if you have the items in your inventory. Also reprograms personal construction bots to deconstruct items on ground.
61 Recipe Book Search for information about machines, materials, recipes, and technology in a clean, easy-to-use interface. Similar to FNEI and What is it Really Used For.
62 Quick Chest Limit Set chest limits quickly using buttons for 1 stack, 1 row, and other common limit amounts.
63 Well Planner Automatically layout pumpjack fields.
64 Nixie Tubes Adds nixie tubes, for displaying values from a connected circuit network.
65 Text Plates Text shaped metal plates for signs and labels. Letters, numbers and symbols. Iron, copper, large and small variants.
66 LTN Cleanup Sends LTN trains with remaining cargo to cleanup stops
67 Inserter Fuel Leech In addition to normal behaviour, all Inserters take fuel from entities containing a burner when they or their drop target have no fuel left.
68 Better Alert Arrows Much better-looking alert arrows, with limited customization.
69 Ghost Warnings Gives a warning when a ghost or module request is placed and there isn't an item in the logistic network to build it.
70 [Optional] Dad Jokes Particularly useful with Space Exploration's Navigation Satellite.
71 [Optional] Big Power Poles patched Power Poles for max reach. Fixed for compatibility with LightedPowerPlus
72 [Optional] Fluid Memory Storage An alternative to flare stack/voiding fluids. The Fluid Memory Unit can store an infinite amount of any liquid or gas. The more fluid you store, the more power it will require!
73 [Optional] Memory Storage An alternative to warehouses. The Memory Unit can store an infinite amount of a single item type. The more items you store, the more power it will require!

Changed shortcut orders

Changed default settings:

Mod Field Value
Flow control New subgroup for pipe items False
Lighted electric poles Maximum light size 150
Long storage tank Storage multiplier 4
Size of a train fluid wagon 50000
Wide chest Steel chest merge mode chest-warehouse
Invertory size limit 10000
Invertory size multiplier 3
Maximum chest width 40
Maximum chest height 40
Maximum chest area 1600
Whitelist of merged chests 1xN 40x40
Mirror whitelist setting true
Wide chest logistic Active provider chest merge mode chest-warehouse
Buffer chest merge mode chest-warehouse
Passive provider chest merge mode chest-warehouse
Request chest merge mode chest-warehouse
Storage chest merge mode chest-warehouse
Pumps Landfill destroys offshore pumps false
QOL reseach Reach Research false
Far reach Build distance bonus 0
Reach distance bonus 100
Item drop distance bonus 100
Resource Reach Distance Bonus 0
LTN Message level 0
Depot inactivity 2
Stop timeout 36000
Delivery timeout 36000
autodeconstruct Also remove drills that are using fluids false
StatsGUI Single line false
Adjust for clock true
Show daytime false
Show nearby pollution false
Max vehicle speed true
Dad-jokes Allow NSFW jokes true
Additional paste setting Logistic chests: Multiplier amount 4
Global: Additive values true
Nanobots Nanobots not allowed in networks: false