Multiplayer Extreme Modpack

by Sadawys

This modpack is created to extend/modify existing modpacks specially for multiplayer purposes. It tries to add all stuff that works perfectly together to create complex multiplayer maps together with many known mods and biter stuff. Especially thanks to NigglingBallastLB ( for his modpack which is basically the base for this modpack! And a special thank to Foltik ( for his modpack which was the base of the Ballast's map pack :) If you search something for singleplayer have a look to

9 days ago
0.18 - 1.1



  • Sometimes it can be that if mod activation changes, the mod pack update will not activate mods automatically -> simply uncheck all mods and activate the modpack again, then all dependent mods are activated automatically

Mod Settings:

Angel's Addons - Storage Options

  • "Enable icon scaling on silos and warehouses COULD be ENABLED (then you can simply see the type of items better)

Angel's Industries

  • "Components overhaul-Enable" MUST be DISABLED (because there is an incompability with AAI Industry)

Bio Industries

  • "Enable game tweaks - recipe" MUST be DISABLED (otherwise there are problems with iron sticks)


  • "Enable painted concrete" SHOULD be DISABLED (otherwise there are problems with the sprite limit of factorio >255)

Game Settings:

Angel's Enemies Multiplier

  • You SHOULD set the multiplier back to 600% (otherwise you will not see many enemies)

Final Remarks:

  • If a mod is marked as CONFLICT in the "Downloads" section, then we checked the mod but it does not work at the moment.
  • If a mod is marked as OPTIONAL in the "Downloads" section, then there are problems (like UPS) which relates to multiplayer or versioning (but can be tried to activated for singleplayer)
  • If a new version of the mod only "updates" some dependencies I will delete the outdated versions later on to save disk space at factorio server (You can simply download the version before if you want to stay at this version)


  • If you want to play especially with Py HighTech the following command will be needed:
  • If you have a problem that you can not build flotation cell because of missing basic circuit board you can try the following:
    /c game.player.insert{name="basic-circuit-board", count=100}