by fishbus

A mod that builds upon and tweaks the vanilla experience.

2 months ago
0.18 - 1.1


  • It is recommend to start a new game with Factorio+ instead of continuing on an existing game that didn't have the mod when the map was created.

Q: How do I get Bio-Science?

A: Don't play in passive mode. Alien chunks are an ingredient used in some research and this can only be gained when there are biters and spawners in the game. Bio science tends to upgrade your character for combat and reducing biter aggressiveness, but there isn't essential tech hidden behind it - although there is some nice-to-haves.

Q: Is Bio Science necessary?

A: It doesn't block progress, while it provides some useful upgrades to player stats, it mostly gives new options in dealing with alien biters.

Q: How do I get Sand (Bauxite, or any other new resource) in my game?

A: Resources are created on map generation, so running the mod on an existing game without the mod will run into troubles further down the line when you can't get certain resources.