by fishbus

A mod that builds upon and tweaks the vanilla experience.

6 days ago
0.18 - 1.0
a month ago
Latest Version:
0.0.9 (6 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.18 - 1.0
609 times

alpha 0.0.7

A native vanilla addition mod that tweaks and adds content on top of the default game experience.

WARNING - placeholder artwork alert! Serviceable... but obvious!
WARNING - normal resolution not supported (yet)

This is a holistic mod where all the additions work with each other to make the vanilla game more interesting and varied.

This is to work with the original game, adding more options and tweaks in the following areas:

  • Turret veterancy, upgrading their stats the more kills they have in a single place.
  • Map marks where you died.
  • Train colour randomizer!
  • Crash site quick start, crash sites now have a basic power generator, lab and assemblers.
  • Combat, with additional turrets and weapons
  • New drill options for late game and alternate strategies
  • More smelting and assembly buildings.
  • More resources that fold back into vanilla recipes.
  • New gas extraction with resources like steam and natural gas.
  • Changed and added recipes to be more intuitive (like cars) and generic (like turret bases).
  • New vehicle options.
  • New additional late game buildings, like roboports, solar energy, batteries and pumps.
  • Enemies and weapons rebalanced so player tech doesn't exponentially run away in combat power.
  • Behemoth enemies drop white(space) science on death.
  • Big deadly Boss biters! Oh no!
  • Landscaping options, landfill, deepwater landfill and placeable water to create moats.
  • Shallow water can be walked and driven on and allow you to get to other islands easily.

(If you're an artist and want to help, please get in touch!)