by fishbus

A mod that builds upon and tweaks the vanilla experience with more crafting, resources, and combat options. The idea is not to make it more complex for the sake of complexity (e.g. 1000 different recipes/resources), but rather allow players to find the style of play they like and not feel limited in their choices as well as simplifying some recipes for easier automation. If you want to help out, through art, code or implementation, please contact me!

2 months ago
0.18 - 1.1
Transportation Logistics Combat Armor Enemies Mining Fluids Logistic network Manufacturing Power Storage
3 years ago
Latest Version:
0.2.00 (2 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.18 - 1.1
Downloaded by:
3.10K users


alpha 0.2.00

A native vanilla addition mod that tweaks and adds content on top of the default game experience.

  • WARNING - placeholder artwork alert! Serviceable... but obvious!
  • WARNING - Bio-science is only accessible with biters enabled
  • WARNING - This mod may not work with other overhaul mods!

  • HELP OUT - Always looking for artists to help bring the greybox blockouts to life.

This is a holistic mod where all the additions work with each other to make the vanilla game more interesting and varied.

This is to work with the original game, adding more options and tweaks in the following areas:

Gameplay Additions

  • Crash site quick start, crash sites now have a basic power generator, lab and assemblers.
  • Turret veterancy, upgrading their stats the more kills they have in a single place.


  • Mini Roboport
  • Robo Superport
  • Loaders, belt based insertions, match the input of the belt, but take a little more room than an inserter
    All belts rebalanced to move at frame happy rates and divisible by 2
  • Basic belts (8/s)
  • Belts (14/s)
  • Fast belts (22/s)
  • Express belts (38/s)
  • Turbo belts (56/s)
  • Sonic belts (78/s)

Additional Buildings

Crafting Machines

  • Mini Assembling Machine
  • High Powered Machine Press
  • Mini Electric Smelter
  • Steel Forge
  • Electric Foundry
  • Factory
  • Compressor
  • Heatpipe Interchange Smelter


  • Water Wells
  • Geothermal Steam
  • Sand
  • Bauxite (Aluminium) Ore
  • Deadwood (Wood) Fields

Resource Extraction

  • Electric Grinder
  • Steam Powered Turbine Miner
  • Sawmill
  • Gas Extractor
  • Large Water Pump


  • Listening Post
  • Large Radar


  • Large Solar Panel
  • Solar Array
  • Medium Wooden Electric Pole
  • Huge Metal Electric Pole
  • Electrical Grid Distributor


  • Speeder
  • Transporter
  • Dozer
  • Flame Tank
  • Tank is BIG


  • Rocket Turret
  • Cannon Turret
  • Mortar Turret
  • Sniper Turret
  • Chaingun Turret


  • Fuel has distinct efficiencies, some are good for powering smelting, others have longevity or high density, others are better for vehicles.
  • Jet fuel (old rocket fuel)
  • Rocket Fuel
  • Petroleum
  • Natural Gas
  • Charcoal


  • Railgun
  • Hand Cannon
  • Mortar
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Minigun
  • Plasma Rifle


  • Explosive Shotgun/Magazine rounds
  • Nuke Shotgun/Magazine/Cannon Shells
  • Depleted Uranium Shotgun Shells/Cannon shells
  • Piercing Shotgun Shells/ Cannon Rounds
  • Micro Missiles
  • Explosive rounds have larger explosive radii

Terrain Tiles

  • Deepwater Fill
  • Placeable Shallow Water
  • Tarmac


  • Boss Biters
  • Enemies reworked to be bigger and are coloured to their archetype.
  • MeatyChunks are dropped from enemies and spawners: Allowing you to research new bio tech.

Bio Tech

  • Use meaty-chunks, wood and water to create bio science packs.
  • Upgrade your player's health and speed through research.
  • Bio Fuel
  • Air purifier
  • Health packs

New Intermediate Items

  • Vehicle Chassis
    All vehicles now use this as a base
  • Laser
    All recipes using lasers now use this
  • Turret Base
    All turrets use this as a base

Base Game Changes

  • Changed and added recipes to be more intuitive (like cars) and generic (like turret bases).
    For example, a gun turret recipe is a turret-base and a submachine-gun.
  • Enemies and weapons rebalanced so player tech doesn't exponentially run away in combat power.
    The base vanilla game gives players many new tech and weapon advantages over time (such as +damage) that the power creeps exponentially compared to biters. So to balance this, weapon upgrades only increase it by around 10-20% each research.
  • Explosives now have falloff damage radii, doing more damage in the epicenter compared to the edge, most explosives now have a larger radius.
  • Shallow water can be walked and driven on and allow you to get to other islands easily. This slows down movement and vehicles.