by fishbus

A mod that builds upon and tweaks the vanilla experience.

2 months ago
0.18 - 1.1


Version: 0.1.95
Date: 2021.07.18
    - Added large laser turrets called the Guass Cannon.
    - Added gas processing tech icon.
    - Added new hut and warehouse graphics (by Belich).
    - Increased all modular grid sizes by 1 (height).
    - Reduced the amount of speed that laser technology adds.
    - Reduced the power amount to fire laser turrets, but increased their drain.
    - Increased listening post range by 1 chunk.
    - Tripled the power outputted by the crash site generator.
    - Gas processing tech is now available directly after Gas extraction.
    - Advanced repair packs are now cheaper to make and repair even faster.
    - Increased the health for large solar panels and solar arrays.
    - Fixed a crash to do with turrets being destroyed and ghosts being placed before researching robotoics.
    - Fixed a health issue with Artillery turrets having only 10hp.
Version: 0.1.93
Date: 2021.07.10
    - Added Long reach to all toolkit tech upgrades.
    - Added new toolkit tech levels.
    - Added more toolbelt size upgrades for each tech pack.
    - Increased listening post frame count so it is smoother (by Belich)
    - Added large radar art (by Belich)
    - Rebalanced many equipment objects so lower tech is still useful (e.g. battery mk2 takes up more room).
    - Increased the build time of inserters and assembly machines.
    - Reduced the cost of low density structure.
    - Mini roboports now hold 2 stacks of robots (was 1).
    - Infinite research tech for Robot follower count is now more expensive and in line with other tech.
    - Reduced Exoskeleton speed and power by half (to help balance with base player speed upgrade tech).
    - Reduced factory speed back to 2.5 (was 3).
    - Instead increased factory module count to 3 (was 2).
    - Added Advanced processors to productivity module support.
Version: 0.1.91
Date: 2021.07.04
    - Added Electronics 3 technology to allow the creation of Advanced Processors.
    - Added Productivity, Speed and Effectivity 4 modules.
    - Added new art for loaders (by Belich).
    - Added new art for listening post (by Belich).
    - Turbo loaders now need a speed module.
    - Electric grinder is now 5x5 footprint (was 7x7) and kept the same stats.
    - Spidertron rocket launchers now fire 2.5x faster.
    - Spidertron rocket launchers range increased to 42 (was 36)
    - Geothermal vents now generate 2x the output than before.
    - Reduces SPAM grenade cluster amount by 1 to stop it from lagging.
    - Reduced SPAM stack count to 25 (was 50).
    - Reduced Steel forge craft speed to 5 (was 6).
    - Increased Factory speed to 3 (was 2.5).
    - Increased electrical distributor grid range to 20.5 (was 16.5)
    - Fixed missing icon in power window for high powered press machines.
    - Fixed missing icons in power window for loaders.
    - Stopped sand -> stone recipe from being handcraftable
    - Fixed instances of sandy rocks using the wrong sand (this should convert automatically via migration)
    - Fixed missing icon for Large radar.
Version: 0.1.89
Date: 2021.05.23
    - Added Boss spitters.
    - Added new art Sniper shells.
    - Updated Boss spawn rate in relation to evolution rate so they spawn sooner.
    - Fixed enemy corpses not matching.
    - Fixed broken modifier localizations for multiple entries.
    - Fixed a copy paste ghost issue where you could copy and paste veteran ghosts of existing veteran turrets.
Version: 0.1.87
Date: 2021.05.22
    - Increased resistances and health for most factorioplus turrets
    - Increased physical resistances for rail.
    - Increased Magnum damage to +750% (was +500%)
    - Improved minigun turret distraction.
    - Destroyed veteran turrets use the base ghost and not the veteran ghost.
    - Turrets can gain veterancy on any world surface, not just the base game.
    - Ammo does not disappear when a turret is removed by robots.
    - Plasma cell ammo now increases in damage when the respective energy weapon tech is researched.
    - Removed 'Find Body' script to fix old turret script issues, this can be downloaded as a seperate mod "Findmybody".
Version: 0.1.85
Date: 2021.05.17
    - Added plasma gun.
    - Added napalm mortar rounds.
    - Sniper towers are now locked behind their respective techs.
Version: 0.1.72
Date: 2021.05.15
    - Added flak grenades.
    - Added SPAM grenades.
    - Added art for Air purifiers.
    - Increased solar array power from 1.6MW to 1.75MW
    - Cluster grenade range is now the same as regular grenades.
    - Fixed factory icon in power management view.
    - All turrets now use enemy priorities, taking health and turn speed into account.
    - Weapon shooting speed 7, player hp and speed 8 all need White science pack tech unlocked first.
Version: 0.1.71
Date: 2021.05.14
    - Added sniper turrets.
    - Added piercing rounds for miniguns.
    - Added art for Large electric foundry.
    - Reduced steam miner down to match steam turbine footprint.
    - Reduced Factory crafting speed down from 3x to 2.5x
    - Destroyer now requires processor units.
    - Turret bases, Laser units and Glass lens can use productivity modules.
Version: 0.1.67
Date: 2021.05.01
    - Big sandy rocks now contain sand in them.
    - Electric foundry recipe now requires 4x productivity modules (was 2x)
    - Silicon wafers have a longer (20s) craft time (was 8s)
    - Mini electric furnaces can hold 2x modules (was 1x)
    - Electric grinders can now hold 2x modules (was 1x)
    - Steel forge recipe now requires 4x steel furnaces and concrete (was 3x, and bricks)
    - Mini assembler pollution reduced by 50%
    - Defender robot now uses piercing damage, matching piercing magazine craft material.
    - Increased Distractor base laser damage by +100%
    - Increased Destroyer base electric damage by +200%
    - Rock coal and stone loot drop is now randomized and proportions are better balanced.
    - Matched Distractor and Destroyer stack sizes, throw cooldown to match Defenders.
Version: 0.1.58
Date: 2021.04.03
    - Added new art for Large stone furnaces.
    - Added new art for Steel forge.
    - Added new art for Large water pump.
    - Increased water pump speed for both water pumps and large water pumps.
    - Reduced initial follower count from 5 -> 3.
    - Increased crafting time for radars so that they fit radar progression.
    - Increased cannon shell damage for all cannon shells by at least +50%.
    - Rocket fuel now requires purple/yellow science.
    - Increased time for Rocket turret tech to be in line with surrounding techs.
    - Mortars now don't require wood to craft.
    - Belts and Train tracks now have 90% explosive resistance.
    - Added mini icons for resources to map gen screen.
    - Explosive ammo tech now comes after explosive tech.
    - Removed explosive cannon shells from cannon tech, they should be researched using explosive ammo tech.
    - Fixed naming of crashed ship crafting/power structures.
Version: 0.1.50
Date: 2021.02.02
    - Added Large Labs and their respective techs
    - Reduced base firing rate of snipers from 5s to 3s per shot.
    - Added support for turbo belts to use auto-undergrounding when drag placing in 1.1 factorio.
Version: 0.1.49
Date: 2021.01.07
    - Added Mortar turrets and their respective techs
    - "Grenade rounds" and "Grenade launchers" are now "Mortar rounds" and a "Mortar" respectively.
    - Mortars now stop the player moving while firing.
    - Increased tank shell damage across the board, but mostly in regards to piercing and uranium shells.
    - Fixed large radar size in normal resolution settings.
Version: 0.1.45
Date: 2020.12.22
    - Added new art for Factorys.
    - Added new art for Gas Extractors.
    - Added new art for Dozer.
    - Updated mini roboport ranges to work better with overlapping each other.
    - Increased petrol generator grid size, and reduced the power output, as their power is generated constantly.
    - Increased sniper damage by 50 and increased the bonus associated with tech upgrades.
    - Fixed Normal resolution sizes and the crash associated with it.
Version: 0.1.39
Date: 2020.12.17
    - Added new art for Sawmills and Electric Grid Distributors.
    - Added new art for Transport Trucks.
    - Added Compressors and their tech, currently used for compressing sand into stone.
    - Added Rocket turrets.
    - Added mini radars (AKA Listening posts) that are cheaper and smaller than regular radar.
    - Added mini electrical furnaces, can replace steel furnaces and can hold 1 module.
    - Added mini roboports, a small and compact roboport used for more easily linking larger logistic areas together.
    - Added a Sniper rifle, a long range weapon shooting large calibre bullets over great distances.
    - Added Snakey Continents config to world generation.
    - Added Oasis config to world generation.
    - Radars are now behind radar tech, instead Listening posts are used at the game start.
    - Split out Vehicles and train recipes and items into the new Transport tab.
    - Split out fluid building recipes into the new Fluid tab.
    - Increased air purifier recipe to 200 wood.
    - Reduced larger radar visual range to be much smaller and more like a regular radar.
    - Reduced gun turret range a little.
    - Increased piercing shotgun shell count by a small amount.
    - Increased Floodlight ligh range by a bit.
    - Reduced explosive rocket speed and increased the sprite size.
    - Grenade ranges are now clamped, so they can be thrown at any range and are thrown their max possible distance.
Version: 0.1.25
Date: 2020.12.10
    - Added new art for Storage hut.
    - Added new art for Speeder vehicle.
    - Added new art for Medium electric pole.
    - Added new art for Wood wall.
    - Added new art for Steam Miner Turbine.
    - Added heat exchange furnace, using the energy from heat pipes.
    - Added +2 piercing damage to chaingun ammo, but reduced their spread count by 1 (4 to 3).
    - Made natural gas more energy dense than gasoline, however their acceleration and other vehicle bonuses are reduced to penalties.
    - Fixed large solar panel icon within the power usage screen.
    - Fixed technology art sizes to now work with the larger 256 size.
    - Fixed player health and speed bonus localizations to mention "player".
    - Fixed laser turret shooting speed bonuses to now use the new generic laser bonuses instead. (So they don't accidentally double up)
Version: 0.1.1
Date: 2020.11.14
    - Added Micro missles, a lightwight, fast firing and travelling small missile.
    - Added Bio fuel, a powerful and clean burning fuel with questionable origins.
    - Added Light oil extraction from wood, an advanced bio tech recipe.
    - Factorys now take 2x amount of power to run.
    - Increased cluster grenade spread range by around double the distance.
    - The amount of meaty chunks dropped from aliens are now reduced overall.
    - Increased the amount of meaty chunks dropped from Spawners.
    - Increased Biter Boss health amount, reduced their overall damage.
    - Reduced throw speed of cluster grenades to match those of regular grenades.
    - Reduced all robot laser damages to be on par with laser turrets.
    - Increased placement collision for worms so they don't cluster as much.
    - Reduced cluster grenade count from 6 to 5 (and updated the recipe accordingly)
    - Reduced rocket fuel stacks to 10 (from 25, which was equal to jet fuel)
    - Fixed the accumulator battery icon when in the power usage screen.
    - Bio science packs now allow the use of productivity modules.
    - Rocket fuel allows production modules to be used.
    - Fixed some other procution module usages on factorio+ intermediate recipes.
    - Fixed Boss biter localizations
    - Fixed localizations for bonuses.
Version: 0.1.0
Date: 2020.10.25
    - Added an advanced radar with a much larger radius with a much slower scan time.
    - Updated floodlight recipes to be more entincing and less intensive.
    - Tank is now much (2x) larger, with more health.
    - Fixed some item and entity ordering on the craft menu to be more in order of discovery/research
Version: 0.0.9
Date: 2020.10.17
    - Added personal solar panel equipment MK2
    - Added personal petroluem fuel generator
    - Fixed localizations for a lot of items, tech and technologies.
Version: 0.0.8
Date: 2020.10.13
    - Added tarmac tiles, that give better speeds to vehicles.
    - Miniturization now provides additional character hand crafting speed and character mining speeds as bonuses.
    - Added Bio science tree, using alien meat, water and trees.
    - Added character health and speed upgrades to bio science tree.
    - Added air scrubbers and the tech, while reduce pollution in the local area.
    - Natural gas now gives less pollution
    - Coal gives more pollution.
    - All large rocks have been scaled to be much larger and provide more stone. While smaller stones are smaller now as to not provide confusion in what rocks you collide/don't collide with.
    - Magnum uses 5x ammo per shot to make up for its 6x damage scale.
    - Split out logistics warehouses and huts to be two seperate technologies.
    - Rocks take more damage from explosives, and less from physical/impact.
    - Increased shotgun spread
    - Grenades now have radius falloff damage.
    - Hand cannon is unlocked in military-2.
Version: 0.0.7
Date: 2020.09.30
    - Grenade launcher rounds are now added to explosive improvement tech.
    - Added a hand cannon.
    - Factorys now take up 6x6 space and require productivity-3 modules instead of productivity-2 modules
    - Storage huts and warehouses now require stone and concrete repectively.
    - All loaders have 1 filter slot.
    - Slowdown and Poison capsule recipes now require heavy oil and sulphuric acid respectively.
    - Fixed an issue with old turrets not being removed when levelling up, creating multiple turrets on top of each other.
    - Turrets when levelled up now keep their same placement direction.
    - Turrets levelling up now also keep their damage done.
    - Added more localization strings for tech tree entries that didn't have them.
    - Fixed logistic hut alignment.
    - Grenade launcher has an explosion entity.
    - Added logistic hut icon.
Version: 0.0.6
Date: 2020.09.29
    - Logistics version of the storage hut has now been added
    - Loaders and Unloaders have been implemented allowing you to directly connect belts to storage buildings.
    - When you die, your body is marked on the map, and is removed when picked up/expired
    - Added it so trains are randomly coloured when originally placed, and match the colour of the rest of the train according to placement order.
    - Adjusted belt speeds so they give round numbers. 
    - Belts are all slightly slower.
    - Aligned warehouse and storage hut graphics with the grid, including height overlap.
    - Updated warehouse and storage hut artwork.
Version: 0.0.5
Date: 2020.09.28
    - Added Charcoal resource, which is made by smelting wood.
    - Added more graphically pleasing Steam and Gas vents.
    - Robo Superport and Flame Tank have icons.
    - Landfill 2 now requires chemical science to move it further down the tech tree.
    - Uranium gun magazines now have piercing damage inherited from their ingredients
    - Mining a resource tile will not delete it.
    - Robo Superport now unlocks successfully when researching it.