Krastorio 2

An overhaul mod focusing on end-game technologies and moderately increased complexity. Widely regarded as the best introduction to the modded Factorio scene.

2 months ago
0.18 - 1.1


Please check the in-game Tips and Tricks (accessed in the top-right corner, above the minimap) for detailed explanations about specific features.

I look at the oil spot and it shows X, and when I look at the expected production, I see a different number. Why?

When you look at a spot, you see the number of production cycles. In one cycle, 20 units of oil are produced. Accordingly, when you see the expected production, this is the number of cycles * 20.

How can I harvest creep?

In the shortcut bar (next to your quickbar), there is a creep collector. Use this to harvest creep. The jackhammer is also kept in this location.

Where can I get Space Research Data?

Launch a rocket with a Satellite as the payload. You will receive 1000 space research data per satellite launched.

I don't like radiation. Can I disable radiation damage?[/font]

Use the /kr-disable-radioactivity command to disable radiation. This requires administrator privileges on the map.