Krastorio 2

by Krastor

K2 is a global mod that introduces new energy sources, buildings, ores, technologies, turrets, coverings, fuels, ways of producing science, and a major re-balance of many vanilla features.

17 days ago
0.18 - 1.0


Q : Loaders are too /cheap/ugly/expansive/cheaty/pretty/easy, don't use power and don't work with the trains! BUG!!!!!!!!

A : Just turn off this in the game settings. And stop asking about it. PLEASE! Loaders use a vanilla prototype/algorithm and cannot consume energy and work with trains. This is a decision of the developers of the game, not ours, and we can’t add it. These are the limitations of the game. We cannot do whatever we want. Understand this already at last. If you want the loaders to use electricity, then install this mod: Miniloader. This mod masks inserters into loaders.
Also this mod is good too: Bulk Rail Loader.

Q : I don't like radiation. Can to disable radiation damage?

A: While in game press the key for console (left of the "1" key) and execute (write and press enter) this: /kr-disable-radioactivity, this will disable the radioactivity for the game, with: /kr-enable-radioactivity, can be re-enabled. Remember, this is not the way how Krastorio 2 is meant to play.

Q : I have an idea!

A : We have stop developing this mod, we will only continue fixing bugs when necessary.

Q : Can I continue my Krastorio Legacy map with Krastorio 2

A : Due the uncountable number of changes, is impossible load the KL savegame with K2, probably some item have the same name and apparenlty seems works, but is only a first impression. We suggest to start a new game when the old one have satisfy you.

Q : Aswil is needed anymore?

A : No, Krastorio 2 is standalone.

Q : Uranium cells - 50 GJ, DT-fuel - 10 GJ, Antimatter cells - 300GJ. Is it on purpose?

A : Yes. Everything is as it should be. DT-fuel is cheaper. And the reactor is an assembler and not a furnace. So there’s practically no difference. Moreover, we adhered to the formula:
20 turbines * 100MW (power of each turbine) * 5 seconds (time that the fuel is used) = 10GJ
But the main reason for this strange decision is in game restrictions. We cannot make the inserters take the burning result (used cells) from the furnaces (in game logic our reactor is was furnace). Therefore, we had the next choices: First is abandon the burning result. Second is to make the steam production cycle less frequently, but make higher fuel volume. Third is make the reactor an assembler, include the cell into the recipe results and make production cycles for short cycles. We have chosen the third option and ask you not to ask about this and not to offer your own options (many have already tried and we are tired of this...). If you want to influence this, modify K2 yourself, show what you did and only then we will discuss it.

Q : Krastorio 2 is heavy to download, can you split the mod in graphic and code?

A : No, we have designed to have one standalone mod, so we don't want add dependency in future. Is more easy to download for inexperienced users, is compact for us work on it, and for other reasons of consistency (like the sound must be separated too) we don't want have a list of dependecy. Plus, we are still actively working on graphics, so if we split the mod, then we will have to update two mods at once.

Q : I look at the oil spot and it shows X, and when I look at the expected production, I see a different number. Why?

A : When you look at a spot, you see the number of production cycles. In one cycle, 20 units of oil are produced. Accordingly, when you see the expected production, this is the number of cycles * 20.

Q : Where can I get space research data?

A : Space research data supersede the space science pack when a rocket is launched into space, and will be given with the same ratio, 1 rocket : 1000 space research data.

Q : Can I simply install the mod for make it works?

A : Sure, Krastorio 2 have no dependencies, but remember that you need to use Factorio at version 0.18.24 or any greater version; if you use Steam can be downloaded in the experimental version of the game (, otherwise can be downloaded in the site.

Q : How can I harvest creep?

A : Military technology unlock a tool that you can take in the mouse/hand and drag hover the creep to collect it. AND NO, creep collector doesn't require military tech cards to be unlocked, there are no deadlocks.

Q : I can't finish tutorials! How to make a water pump in the third tutorial?

A : Krastorio 2 isn't meant for be used with base game tutorials, and there's no reason to implement this feature.
If you want do the tutorials, we suggest you to do it vanilla (removing Krastorio 2), and after, play the meant modality (reinstalling the mod) of Krastorio 2 called "freeplay" (or dedicated scenarios if exist), to enjoy the mod

Q : Squeak Through is bugged! Don't work with Krastorio 2?!

A : No, they work as intended, we negate to Squeak Through to iterate and modify the collision boxes/hit boxes of Krastorio 2 buildings, because reduce them to be too much small will generate some bugs, the Factorio engine is not designed to work with too small hitboxes.

Q : The uranium-235 is too much used

A : The final game/mod gameplay is balanced on; Krastorio 2 nuclear setup, fusion setup, existance of Kovarex processing and that the purple science pack recipe use now uranium-238. If you find this unbalanced probably you have install one/some mod/s that alter the uranium processing, and we can't grant a balanced game with all mod on the portal.

Q : Laser artillery turret target finding is weird, they didn't find the enemy on the edge of the range?

A : Yes, we know that; any turrets can't find targets if they are beyond the 70% of the turret range, when the range is equal/greater than 100 tiles, but after they are triggered, they can shot at the full range.

We wanted design an new artillery turret for the end game, this is the better solution that we found. Unfortunatelly Factorio have an infinity amount of limitations in the modding world, and sometime we have to take compromises. I'm sorry, this can be fixed and we will not change this in future.

Q : I have install an energy absorber in the equipment of my friend, didn't work!

A : If you have admin powers in your game, don't install energy absorber in grid equipment of other character of other players, each player should manage the grid of their characters. If this happen try to quit and rejoin the game, all should be fixed.