Krastorio Legacy deprecated

Caution!!! Krastorio 2 is now available! Therefore Krastorio Legacy is no longer supported! This mod expands the endgame, adds 30+ HR buildings, 60+ technologies, new ores, new items and rebalances almost all vanilla game content, making it harder.

4 years ago
0.17 - 0.18
5 years ago
Latest Version:
1.4.56 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 0.18
Downloaded by:
163 users

Caution!!! Krastorio 2 is now available! Therefore Krastorio Legacy is no longer supported!


  1. Description
  2. New content:
    -2.1 New resource types
    -2.2 New buildings
    -2.3 New vehicle
    -2.4 New equipments
    -2.5 New weapons
    -2.6 Localization:
  3. Compatibility
  4. How to install
  5. Known issues
  6. Recruiting
  7. Contact & Planned update
  8. Recommended mods
  9. Credits



Krastorio aims to facilitate megabases with huge energy systems. It includes new buildings, ores, technologies, turrets, coverings, fuel, ways of producing science and a major re-balancing of many vanilla things, but this mod will seem more like an “augmented vanilla” experience rather than a total overhaul. We wanted to keep the vanilla gameplay with minor complications. You can look at some buildings in this video and on this page. When developing the mod, the priority was optimization. There are no complex scripts and super-heavy sprites with ton of frames, so Krastorio is well-optimized for multiplayer games, and will not adversely affect UPS.

I've added the ability to convert ores into matter. However, this is not as overpowered as in other mods and requires an insane amount of energy, time, and new production chains. You can also turn on "quality of life" tweaks like long hands, an increased inventory, or bonus items when you start a new game.


STARTING A NEW GAME is not necessary, but is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED because Krastorio changes almost all recipes, technologies and the parameters of many buildings.

New content:

4 New resource types:

New buildings:

  • New containers

    • Generic warehouse (1 + 5 logistics)
    • Big generic chest (1 + 5 logistics)
  • New machines

    • Advanced chemical plant
    • Multifunctional furnace
    • Advanced furnace
    • Electrolysis plant
    • Filtration plant
    • Stabilizer charging station
    • Advanced assembler
    • New tiers of electric mining drills
    • Big mining drills
    • Deep mining drill
  • New machines for excess liquids

    • Liquid evaporator
    • Flare stack
  • New air filter machines

    • Air purifier
    • Air filter
  • New matter machines

    • Matter assembler
    • Matter converter
    • Matter factory
  • New storage tanks

    • FS 50
    • FS 200
  • New reactor

    • Fusion reactor and new big turbine
    • Antimatter reactor prototype
    • Antimatter reactor
  • New solar panel

  • New superior transport belt!

  • New loaders:

    • Loader
    • Fast Loader
    • Express Loader
    • Superior Loader
    • (if Space Exploration is installed, space loader too)
  • New labs

    • Quantum computer
    • Research server mk1
    • Research server mk2
    • Research Lab
  • New roboports

    • Drone charging station
    • Drone hub
  • New beacon

  • New turrets!

New vehicle:

  • A new powerful tank

New equipments:

New weapons:

  • Impulse rifle
  • Heavy rocket launcher

Many options:

Many options for customize some parts of mod that not all like, balancing, vanilla changes... (some options will be automatically disabled with some mods that would make it incompatible)



Big mods

Small mods

How to install:

  • The mod need this two dependecy to be loaded:

    • Krastorio Graphics, this is all graphics of Krastorio, is in separate file because if we need to do fixes you don't need to download tons of MB for some string changed
    • Aswil, this is a mandatory library mod, used to improve compatibility

Known issues:

  • Some of Bob's mod (like bobequipment) have conflicts with Krastorio, and compatibility is not planned.

Contact & Planned update:

Recommended mods:

These mods are tested and work fine. They were also tested in a multiplayer game.

Dev Team:

  • Krastor - Main author of mod, drew all (amazing) graphics, working constantily on mod (unfortunately he had to take a slow down after version 1.3.x for personal reasons)
  • Linver - Co-author, code writer and fixer of many bugs, joined in version 1.0.x


  • Optera - For make Loader Redux (Krastorio loaders code is a copy of Loader Redux)
  • And Redstylt, Yofreak, Andriy Soroka, Virthalas for help with localization
  • Many thanks to cool bloggers who make videos and streams with the Krastorio mod. We love you! <3
  • Finally, many thanks to Factorio developers team. Also, special thanks to Pi-C and Dubax - Greyne for help with the translation!

This mod is part of mods developed by Krastorio Team