Krastorio Legacy deprecated

Caution!!! Krastorio 2 is now available! Therefore Krastorio Legacy is no longer supported! This mod expands the endgame, adds 30+ HR buildings, 60+ technologies, new ores, new items and rebalances almost all vanilla game content, making it harder.

1 year, 5 months ago
0.17 - 0.18


The mod is red/not loaded? You need to install this two mandatory dependency:

  • Krastorio Graphics, this is all graphics of Krastorio, is in separate file because if we need to do fixes you don't need to download tons of MB for some string changed.
  • Aswil, this is a mandatory library mod, used to improve compatibility.

Why need I to use Aswil?

  • Aswil is a library mod created when some compatibility issues of Krastorio has appeared. Was realeased like an standalone mod because doesn't contain only what Krastorio needs (but maybe could need other of it in future). With it, many problems are now solved.
  • Aswil is now mandatory for use Krastorio, so you need to use they together.

Bob's mods?

  • Playing with most of the mods of Bob causes no mistakes, but duplicates recipes and ores. Attention! The Bob's equipment mod is completely incompatible.
  • P.S. We are tired of receiving incompatibility messages. Every day you write about it, sometimes even in private messages and strictly require compatibility as if we are your slaves and we owe you something. If you do not stop, all Bob's and Angel's mod's will be added to the conflicting list.

Do you have plan to fix this? (Bob's mods)

  • NO. Since Krastorio and Bob's mod have a lot of similar content, like the electronic circuit production, chemistry, belts, etc. Linking it to each other will take a very long time. In any case, Krastorio has a free license and you can make a patch or create a "light version". Just please give a link to the main mod. Thanks!

Angel's mods?

  • Read the two points above replacing the word "Bob" with "Angel" and you will get the answer

Pyanodons's mods?

  • Compatibility will not be for the same reason of Angel & Bob.

Does it have Resource Spawner Overhaul (RSO) support?

  • Yes.

What about Space Exploration mod?

  • Full compatibility. Some tecnologies and entities will be alterated for make all works. With Space Exploration enabled will be added a Krastorio space loader too.

What about Industrial Revolution mod?

  • Full compatibility. Deep synergy and compatibility, some recipes and buidlings could be changed or removed, but is grant a complete gameplay without problems.

What's up to science pack recipes?! It's not what I expect with this mod pack!

  • Krastorio by default set his science pack recipes in the game. In the mod's options is possible choose what recipe is desired from player for each science pack possible mod's variations (and vanilla), if supported by Krastorio (is possible ask to support other science pack recipes if not present). Modders could add his variations with the dedicated library, natively is supported the science pack recipes of this mods: AAI Industry, Space Exploration and Industrial Revolution

WHAT!? Why is it crafting for so long?

  • When something is cost almost nothing and created in seconds in the hands, it losing meaning and importance. We don't like battles, vehicles and weapons in the vanilla game. We tried to make it more fun. For example, at the end of the game there will be special projectiles for artillery that will do a lot of damage over the area. Also, almost all weapons have a larger radius and damage, and rockets fly fast. You can also place laser turrets in your tank / train and turn it into a death machine. Battles with biters should be much more challenging and fun.

How mine menarite and imersite?

  • Menarite and Imersite could be mined with a Big mining drill, unlocked in the late game, is the only one drill that can mine the Menarite and Imersite cave, so is normal if other drills don't can be placed on it.

Nuclear ratios changing (with nuclear rebalance enabled)?

  • The ratios will be different, but it can be turned off. New ratios are:
    1 Reactor = 4 Exchangers / 11 Turbines / 150 MW / 2 FS-200s
    2 Reactor = 12 Exchangers / 31 Turbines / 450 MW / 4 FS-200s
    3 Reactor = 20 Exchangers / 52 Turbines / 750 MW / 7 FS-200s
    4 Reactor = 32 Exchangers / 83 Turbines / 1,2 GW / 10 FS-200s
    6 Reactor = 52 Exchangers / 135 Turbines / 1,9 GW / 17 FS-200s
    8 Reactor = 72 Exchangers / 186 Turbines / 2,7 GW / 23 FS-200s

  • Also you can use the Krastorio reactor calc. Many thanks to Rybec!

Can I use your sprites and code?

  • Yes please. But give a link to the main mod. And when using our code / images you will be required to use the GNU LGPLv3 license. These are the conditions of the license itself.
  • Instead. if you want make some addons for Krastorio you don't need to ask permissions of any kind, we expect that if is an addon you will cite the mod anyway.

"Loaders don't transfer item to train! Damn modders!"

  • No, this is intentional. Enable loaders to transfer items into (or pull out) train will cost many ups to the game, not visible until reach end game or mega/giga base. Loaders could be disabled, so u could install another mod with loaders abilitated for transfer items in train.

How does air purifiers work?

  • We got a ton of questions about purifiers. You would know how frustrating this is. So let's finally talk about these damn purifiers. These are such things that spin and clean the air. Perhaps you think that they should clean everything up right away? And NO! This doesn't work and will never work like that. Pollution tends to accumulate. It accumulates in EVERY chunk and it accumulates all the time that you play, provided that the level of generation of pollution is higher than the level of absorption by water, soil or trees. To clean the chunk, it is necessary that the absorption of pollution was higher than its production. If the generation of pollution is lower than absorption, then the pollution will gradually begin to decrease. The speed of cleaning the chunk depends on how much pollution has been accumulated. Do you know how to see the chunk? Let me tell you! You will need two fingers with which you have to press "Shift+Space" and a miracle will happen! You will see a grid and chunks will be indicated with bold black lines. Also, the grid can be turned on through the debug menu, which can be called by pressing F4. So you will need to place filters in each chunk in which pollution is produced. And their amount depends on how much pollution is produced. Want some more magic? Open the "production statistics" and in the fourth tab there will be pollution. There you can see how much pollution is produced and how much is consumed.
    You can also watch a video where Nilaus sets up an air purification system.
    And remember that pollution will be shared from chunk to near chunks, see the wiki for more info.

Are air filters supposed to disappear?

  • Yes, with a very low possibility (after each use)

How work fusion reactor?

  • First of all you need a a fusion reactor :) after you have it, you need to provide two items: D-T fuel, liquid nitrogen (is an item in a bottle/dewar), and pure water (liquid)(not regular water!) in the fluid input of fusion reactor. After that you need to place one or more big turbine to get energy and connect the fusion reactor steam output to the turbines. One big turbine will provide a maximum output of 100MW (have an efficency of 600% compared to 125% of nuclear turbine). Remember that one fusion reactor can provide steam for a maximum of 40 big turbine (means that one fusion reactor can produce a maximum of 4GW).