Industrial Revolution 2

An overhaul mod based on material progression. Expanded crafting system. Hundreds of sprites and icons. New buildings, research, toys and mechanics.

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9 months ago
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2.0.5 (3 hours ago)
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Industrial Revolution 2

This is a remix of the original 2019 mod: leaner, meaner, steamier, and updated with Factorio game engine features from 2020.

IR might be a momentary diversion for folks who:

  • Aren't challenged by launching vanilla rockets any more and want a much slower, longer and quirkier game
  • Want more crafting and materials complexity without it getting bonkers or feeling like a chemistry textbook
  • Like things to be pretty and nice


  • A metric buttload of original sprites and animations. That's 0.9 imperial buttloads
  • Extended early game burner/steam phase, where getting to electricity and iron-working is the goal (skippable in map options)
  • New materials such as tin, rubber, glass, bronze, gold, nickel, and chrome
  • Expanded crafting and processing, including crushing, ore washing, alloying, metal-casting, electroplating
  • New machines, vehicles, and equipment, including primitive construction bots from the start
  • Great big drills from day one, because who likes building mining outposts anyway
  • Status lights on most electric machines, without any UPS-eating scripts
  • Scrapping system for recycling unwanted products
  • Trains, vehicles and personal equipment that can run on rechargeable batteries
  • A personal equipment fuel manager that will automatically top up your power suit's generators
  • Expanded defence options including additional turret types and reinforced walls
  • Some high tech endgame machines such as teleporters and things that go "wom wom wom"


  • If your hand-crafting queue is minutes long, you aren't automating. If you aren't automating, you're not doing it right.
  • IR doesn't have separate "normal" and "expensive" settings for recipes. Everything is quite expensive, especially processing infrastructure.
  • Ore patches last a lot longer because ore productivity is part of the mod's progression from very early on. Ore patch frequencies in the "default" preset might feel a bit easy.
  • You can't smelt iron at the start of the game (unless you change mod settings in map selection). Don't make your habitual beeline for the nearest iron ore patch.
  • Monowheels are unlocked early and are cheaper and faster than cars, making it relatively easy to explore. Be careful in enemy territory: monowheels are unarmed.
  • When you get to iron smelting, your first iron patch might be a way off. If so, you might have to set up a secondary outpost to bootstrap electricity and rail.
  • Check stats on machine tooltips before you start spamming them down. Most things have changed so don't assume vanilla ratios of anything, especially drills.
  • Some map settings (e.g. pure desert worlds) can make getting hold of rubber trees quite difficult. Use a monowheel to explore or opt for a starter kit.
  • Carbon steel in IR is not "compressed iron" like vanilla steel. So steel components use up much less iron ore. However steel requires more infrastructure and power to make.
  • Circuit networks are pretty much compulsory for some mid- and late-game processing set-ups, ore washing in particular.
  • IR is reasonably balanced for biter combat on default settings, but you can be overwhelmed in the early game if you are unlucky with nearby nests or you increase the biter difficulty. Look carefully at the map preview to check resources and biter locations, and tweak the settings as appropriate. Or just turn biters off.