Industrial Revolution 3

An overhaul mod based on material progression. Expanded crafting system; hundreds of original sprites and icons; new buildings, technologies, toys, mechanics.

25 days ago
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1 year, 3 months ago
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3.1.21 (25 days ago)
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Welcome to the Revolution

IR3 is an "overhaul" mod (meaning that it fully revamps and extends the vanilla game) based on gradually improving your material science. Start with copper, tin and stone technologies, where steam-powered machines are your only automation option; work towards refining iron and generating electricity for the first time; and then progress towards launching a rocket via a complex path involving electroplating, advanced petrochemicals, staged ore refining, cryogenic gas distillation and more. The mod might be a momentary diversion (60-100 hours) for folks who:

  • Aren't challenged by launching vanilla rockets any more and want a slower, longer and quirkier game;
  • Need more crafting and materials complexity without it getting bonkers or feeling like a chemistry lecture;
  • Like things to be pretty and nice.

Feature list

  • A metric buttload of original sprites and animations. That's 0.9 imperial buttloads.
  • Extended early game burner/steam phase, where getting to electricity and iron-working is the goal (skippable in map options).
  • New materials such as tin, rubber, glass, bronze, gold, lead, and chrome.
  • Customised component/processes system that provides a framework for crushing, ore washing, alloying, metal-casting, electroplating.
  • Small (1x1) assembling machines for constructing and chaining the simplest components.
  • New machines, vehicles, and equipment, including low tech construction bots from almost the start of the game.
  • Built-in status lights on most electric machines, without any UPS-eating scripts (IR was the first mod to do this).
  • Trains, vehicles and personal equipment that run on bottled steam, petrol canisters or rechargeable batteries.
  • A personal fuel manager that automatically tops up fuel in your power suit and vehicles.
  • An early-game bot-less personal logistics system that helps you automate supplies.
  • Specialist furnaces: alloy furnaces synthesize new materials; blast furnaces specialise in steel; arc furnaces produce molten metals.
  • Great big drills from day one.
  • Oil processing and hydrocarbons overhaul: continue cracking oil products down to natural gas and hydrogen; bitumen; ethanol; coke gasification.
  • Gas and steam fissures: rare natural resources with rich output that ebbs and peaks.
  • Liquid fuel generator: generate power directly from flammable fluids.
  • Cryogenics: distil pure elemental gases from the atmosphere; condense gases for transport by liquefying them.
  • Forestry overhaul: manage real trees as resources and protect them from pollution disasters; boost production with fertiliser.
  • Geothermal exchange: use polluted steam from fissures to boil clean water.
  • Small barrelling machines: 1x1 pipe interfaces that automatically bottle or decant.
  • Expanded defence options, including additional turret types and reinforced walls.
  • Waterfill explosives: extend existing water tiles.
  • Pollution management: unpleasant spills, anti-pollution countermeasures.
  • Proper teleporters with proper balance, and other pretty things that go "wom wom wom".
  • Scrapping system for recycling unwanted products.
  • Automatic tech tree generator: never unlock something you can't immediately craft (except barrelling).
  • Easily missable details like recipe-based building damage and shrapnel.
  • Built-in documentation: the Manifesto is a set of brief guides to IR3's features.
  • QOL settings and gimmicks.