Industrial Revolution 3

An overhaul mod based on material progression. Expanded crafting system; hundreds of original sprites and icons; new buildings, technologies, toys, mechanics.

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3.0.15 (3 days ago)
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Industrial Revolution 3

IR3 is a remix/overhaul of IR2 (2020). It might be a momentary diversion for folks who:

  • Aren't challenged by launching vanilla rockets any more and want a slower, longer and quirkier game;
  • Need more crafting and materials complexity without it getting bonkers or feeling like a chemistry lecture;
  • Like things to be pretty and nice.

New or changed features

  • Gas and steam fissures: rare natural resources with rich output that ebbs and peaks.
  • Oil processing and hydrocarbons overhaul: continue cracking oil products down to natural gas and hydrogen; bitumen; ethanol; coke gasification.
  • Liquid fuel generator: generate power directly from flammable fluids.
  • Cryogenics: distil pure liquid oxygen, nitrogen, and helium from the atmosphere; liquefy or boil elemental gases.
  • Forestry overhaul: manage real trees as resources and protect them from pollution disasters; boost production with fertiliser.
  • Furnaces: gas furnaces run on natural gas; blast furnaces specialise in iron, steel, and metal foam production; arc furnace overhaul.
  • Geothermal exchange: use polluted steam from fissures to boil clean water.
  • Small assemblers and barrelling machines: 1x1 crafting machines that can handle a subset of small component recipes.
  • Bronze telescope: steam-powered radar; same sector scanning range as electric radar but a smaller area reveal.
  • Waterfill explosives: extend existing water tiles.
  • Fewer materials and tiers than IR2 but more components; gems are no longer mined from ores; rocket launches reworked.
  • Pollution and anti-pollution were rebalanced.
  • New QOL settings and gimmicks.

Features preserved

  • A metric buttload of original sprites and animations. That's 0.9 imperial buttloads.
  • Extended early game burner/steam phase, where getting to electricity and iron-working is the goal (skippable in map options).
  • New materials such as tin, rubber, glass, bronze, gold, lead, and chrome.
  • Internal component/processes generator, including crushing, ore washing, alloying, metal-casting, electroplating.
  • New machines, vehicles, and equipment, including primitive construction bots from almost the start of the game.
  • Great big drills from day one, because who likes building mining outposts anyway.
  • Built-in status lights on most electric machines, without any UPS-eating scripts.
  • Trains, vehicles and personal equipment that can run on rechargeable batteries.
  • A personal fuel manager that will automatically top up fuel in your power suit generators and vehicle.
  • Expanded defence options, including additional turret types and reinforced walls.
  • Scrapping system for recycling unwanted products.
  • Proper teleporters with proper balance and things that go "wom wom wom".
  • Easily missable details like recipe-based building damage shrapnel.